“This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle anything that gets thrown at you this week”

I drove back to Bournemouth on this sunny Sunday to go straight over to my friends accommodation and make a roast. What a great way to end a weekend and to prepare for a week of stress before our exam on Friday. Nothing beats a home cooked roasts, especially by my friend Tia the domestic goddess.

BLT Salad Bowl

“Skip the diet and just eat healthy”

This is a scrumptious recipe which is simple  and tasty. It is a healthy version of a BLT sandwich that includes bacon, lettuce and tomatoes but will a cheesier, sweeter taste.


  • 2 rashes ofBacon
  • Lettuce (I just used enough to fill the bowl)
  • Handful of Cherry tomatoes
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • 2 tsp of feta cheese
  • 1/4 of a cucumber
  • Handful of coriander

Top tip: Try and cook the bacon until it is nice and crispy. While the bacon is cooking, chop up all the ingredients and throw it into a bowl, followed by the bacon on top. 

I added balsamic glaze on top and a table spoon of balsamic vinegar to finish it off. I also chopped 1/4 of a lemon and placed it on the side which I squeezed on top as I begun to eat, to add a bitter taste into the mix and spice it up a bit.

How simple and delicious, happy eating!


The Inferno – Bournemouth


I had just finished my last presentation of the year, the sun was shining, so Katie and I thought it would be a nice idea to go for food and a cold drink before I got the sweaty train back home for the rest of the week. Katie is my flatmate and best friend!

I have decided to spend the rest of the week at home because I thought I would find it a lot easier to revise for my exam next Friday and I was missing Solly. I also was starting to feel really unfit so while I am home I can get back into CrossFit.

The Inferno is a cute little pub right next to my accommodation which I have been to for drink but not food. The outside is right on the street, with fake grass on the floor and colourful furniture. I wish I had discovered it early because it is so cute for the Summer days and is extremely cheap.





img_8423img_84282018-05-13 02:36:33.957

Recently everybody has been extremely stressed about it being exam season, so the girls and I thought we would have one last big night out before we really settle down. Also my friend Ellie goes to AUB and completely finished first year on Monday. We decided to go and watch Chase & Status DJ set in Switch Southampton where none of us have ever been before.

Outfit is all

Chase & Status were a bit disappointing but it was a really good night, apart from getting stranded in Southampton until 6AM where we finally decided to just pay for a taxi home, rather than wait until 8:30AM for the first train.

Now it is time to settle down before LOVE SAVES THE DAY and the beginning of the Summer. I officially finish my first year on University next Friday!

May Bank Holiday | Zizzis, Go Ape & Bournemouth Beach


For bank holiday weekend my boyfriend Solly came to visit me in Bournemouth for 2 nights. He arrived late afternoon on Saturday after I had spent all day at the beach with my friends. That evening we went for a late dinner at Zizzis which is in Bournemouth town. We had the King Prawns for a starter and both got the Spaghetti Carbonara as our main. It is probably one of the best Carbonaras I have ever had, and I get a lot of Carbonaras! At 10:30PM we headed over to the cinema to watch the new Avengers film, I really recommend going to watch. The ending will make you extremely sad!


We spent Sunday at Go Ape with Solly family to celebrate his younger sisters 18th birthday. I have never done a Go Ape before but they are a lot of fun (and hard work.) The scariest thing is the fact there is not an instructor going around with you, you have to keep everyone safe yourself. So being with Solly wasn’t the best as he wound shake the ladder every time I went up. Afterward we went for an early dinner and a small pub that I had noticed on my drive home from Bournemouth. It was very cute especially as we were able to sit outside. For Rahannas birthday I just picked her up a little bath bomb from Lush which ended up melting in the car!

Sunday evening, Sol and I spent it at Turtle Bay drinking lots of cocktails.


Monday was the hottest day of this heatwave so we spent the whole day at the beach. First we went for lunch at Aruba. We were hoping to get breakfast but got there a bit too late. I wasn’t too hungry so I just got mushrooms on toast with sweet potato fries, where as Solly got a massive burger.

I hope you all had a great 3 day weekend, apparently this has been the hottest bank holiday weekend in 40 years!

Say goodbye to dry skin & hair this time of year


Recently I have been suffering with extremely dry legs. I have always had this problem ever since I was younger. One time when I was around 9/10 I did a gymnastics competition and I was so embarrassed about how dry my legs were that I went into the toilets and covered them in soap. I can not describe to you how much they stung, I sat in the audience crying my eyes out before I had to perform my routine.

I have always been a fan of garnier products as they have always worked wonders, so I thought I would give the lotion a try.

As soon as I applied this oil onto my legs, my dry skin disappeared, it was like magic. I couldn’t believe it haha, I have finally found a product that gets rid of my extra dry skin just like that. My skin has not gone anywhere near back to how bad it was before. I seriously recommend this product, especially as the sun is finally coming out.


My whole life I have never thought that it was important to look after my hair as I am extremely lucky to have healthy hair without any treatment. This is mainly because I have never been one to use straighteners, curlers or any hot products on my hair. For Christmas my boyfriends Mum gave this product to me and I have only recently started using it. It is only now that I have started to realise the difference in the quality of my hair.

Moroccan oil is often known as argan oil and is a very popular hair treatment for certainly dry hair, which has been my main problem, especially at the ends. It has been created to prevent split ends, control frizzy hair, gets rid of shiny hair, repairs damaged hair and can also be used to style hair.

I always try and apply this product after I have had a shower to not wet, but slightly damp hair. I feel like this is when it is the most effective as if I applied it when it was try it would automatically make my hair greasy.

Funky Friends, Taco Bell & how to avoid getting run down over exam stress

Monday night at a liquid DnB night at the Bomo Bunker in Bournemouth

Taco Tuesdays with Katie – Taco Bell has just opened in Bournemouth, it is cheap and tasty. 


1. Take regular breaks and schedule in fun things to look forward to – Even when you have an intense exam timetable you always have time for a little break, whether that is 20 minutes or even half a day. Having something to look forward to will motivate you to work your hardest.

2. Get a good nights sleep – Get into bed, watch a nice film and have an early night. Sleeping is a priority, you shouldn’t be up all hours of the night revising. Having an early night will mean an early morning, meaning you will get a lot more done the next day.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion”

3. Keep everything in perspective – Exams are important, yes… But you are more important.

4. Avoid getting stressed out about other people – Try to reduce or avoid any sort of exposure to the person who may be causing you stress, limit your time on social media and realise that other peoples problems are not your problem.

5. Make lists – I have always been a list person, I write lists and then don’t even look at them again. Just getting everything in your head down on paper will reduce your stress and will show you how much you need to do. Just the act of feeling like you are in control with help with your revision.


My brother & sisters 18th | Sigma – SWX & Family Gathering


So if you did not know I have a twin brother and sister and this weekend, 28th April, they both turned 18! How crazy is that. My sister has been so lucky, due to her looking like me, she has been able to go clubbing for ages. Where as, my brother on the other hand is so excited. He has been to one club before and had to leave early because his friends got kicked out. – hahaha, the amount of lifts I owe my brother is ridiculous so I will be paying for it now!


Its there birthday! I woke up to give Alice and Jack there birthday presents. I got a Alice a new bag and Jack a jumper. Jack keeps on saying he wants to change his fashion. Mum, Alice and I then went for lunch. We were meant to be going to Ask Italian in Wells but we forgot there is a market on every Saturday so we couldn’t find a parking space! Instead we went to Wetherspoons, haha. After a quick lunch as we were in a rush, Alice and I went to get out nails done, ready for an evening out in Bristol.

I think I should start to leave my camera out whenever I have people round, haha! The next day we had to wake up quite early, after getting into bed around 5is as 30 members of my family were coming round to celebrate Alice and Jacks 18th. We had a hog roast, marquee and lots of food, it is a shame the weather was not on our side as we all spent most of the time in the house. It was also so nice to see all of the family.


What an exciting weekend, also my friends and I have booked a holiday to Spain, WOO!


MR & MRS | Just Married


On Saturday, my friend Lucy from secondary school tied the knot, crazy! The first wedding of our generation and what an amazing evening, I want to do it again. It was like a little ruin for all of my school friend, filled with pims, laughter and lots of dancing.

It was taken place in a village hall near me and I know how that must sound, but it was done up so beautifully. The amount of work and effort put into just one day was incredible. She draped white material across the ceiling as if we were inside a marque, with flower, lights and lots of decoration.

I just cannot wait for the next wedding now, what a beautiful evening!

Styling tips for a wedding guest – What to wear

Dress – InTheStyle

This weekend my secondary school friend got married!! I only attended the reception so I thought it was a good chance to share with you how I would dress for a wedding party. This kind of outfit can be good for races, parties and other events, it is smart but also casual. This is a perfect post if you are struggling on what to wear as I am going to go through a couple of tips that will help you feel stylish.


On a lot of websites there are a specific ‘occasion wear’ section where you can find perfect dresses for wedding parties. This is where I found this stunning dress on InTheStyle. The style of dress for a wedding party should be either short, midi or long and flowy. Although this dress is a little short, the patterns is beautiful and makes up for how small it is. You should look feminine and pretty, in a floral or pastel pattern. That is my number one style tip for a wedding reception.


Colour is obviously extremely important. I fall in love with pretty patterns and pastel colours, which is perfect for a wedding. I think wearing a bright colour is essential.


I think that wearing your hair naturally is perfect for a wedding. Letting it flow like beach waves, or having curls makes you look cute and girly. I also think that plaits are perfect.


By beauty I mean make up. At a wedding you expect to show a very natural look so wearing having make up can be a bit too much. Just a bit of foundation, a bright eyeshadow to make your eyes pop and a load of mascara can be enough. Natural is best.

This dress is amazing! When I saw it on InTheStyle I fell so in love. It will be so perfect for the Summer.