Reducing Stress

How to stay sane whilst trying to hit deadlines

So I am coming to the end of my third year at college. Yes, my third year. I started college when I finished secondary school at age 16 and studied A – Levels. I did Media Studies, Business Studies, Photography and Sociology, but unfortunately I am extremely bad at exams so did not do so well. So I went into my second year of college doing a Broadcast Media course, which has ended up being the better choice. I have around 2 weeks left to complete all of my assignments and am currently really struggling. I have been your typical teenager and left my harder assignments to the last minuet. I do technically have longer than 2 weeks to complete them, but it is currently 13 days until Glastonbury Festival and nobody wants to be at a festival with this stress over their heads.

I have decided to write this blog post after being sat at the same computer for around 6 hours straight doing my college work, so I feel that my brain needs a bit of a break. And talking about self-care and reducing stress is the best way to feel relaxed. Many of the tips I am about to tell you are obvious but others I feel have helped me so maybe can help you.

  1. Get more sleep – This first one is pretty obvious and I am sure you get told it a lot, but it is also very important. This is very hypocritical coming from me as I am the WORST at sleeping. When the clock hits 12:00 my brain is running in all different directions, I either over think every situation completely or I become extremely motivated. Over the half term I was working a lot, meaning when it got to going to sleep at night I found it a lot easier as I had been on my feet all day. This also meant that I woke up a lot earlier in the morning. Ask anybody who knows me, I am horrible to wake up in the morning. My mum gets my friends to try to contact me as she is scared to come in because of my mood, haha! But when I was getting to sleep earlier, I was waking up earlier. Meaning I was getting on with my mum the next day and getting a lot more done.
  2. Take a break – Working for long hours on end is knackering for your brain. Only concentrating on one specific thing is unhealthy and when you are studying or doing assignments like myself you should always take a break. It can range from having a long walk or going to the gym, to just having a nice lunch with your family. Having a break can also motivate you to do more.
  3. Eat well – I know sitting doing nothing all day means boredom, which means bingeing! Eating healthier meals will not only reduce your stress but will make you feel a lot better about yourself. Sitting at a desk bloated is not the most comfortable of feelings, so eating better can really motivate you. Instead of snacking on cake and cookies, eat some fruit or Greek yogurt. I promise you will notice a change in how you feel and how you work.
  4. Have a conversation with someone important – Letting your stress out to somebody who cares can make you feel free. When you pass on your feelings, you mentally think that you are giving someone else your problem and feel that you do not have to handle it alone anymore. Nobody should have to deal with their problems alone, getting advice off somebody who cares means that it does not all build up in your head into something a lot worse than it is.
  5. Sit and read a book/watch a good movie alone – Concentrating on something else will relax your mind and take it away from your problems. Reading a book or watching a film means you put yourself into the actor/actresses life, as if you are living as somebody else for a little while. Try and do this without going on your phone. When you have finished you will feel very refreshed and even feel differently about your stress and worries.

These are the things, I feel, help me reduce stress. This is from when I am stressed about doing my college work or actual work. When I am stressed about personal reasons I handle it in a slightly different way. These I will talk about in another blog post. Stress from a social situation is very difficult to deal with, especially when you are surrounded by a lot of people opinions. My only tip for this for now is to not listen to other people and to take your time. There is no rush in the way you handle your feelings and the best outcome, comes from when you are calm.

I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post. I will be doing little advice post like this more often as I enjoy writing them and it can also help myself as well as others. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to talk about.


Cross bodysuit, funky trousers & a glass of rose

This is the outfit I wore for Bedlam, the event I attended in Bournemouth at the O2 on Saturday with my friends. It was a good outfit to wear as inside the venue it got very hot and it was also very comfortable to dance in.

Cross Bodysuit – BooHoo

Trousers – Pretty Little Thing
Unfortunately this bodysuit that I wore is not in stock anymore, so I have found these two which are extremely similar. The first one is from BooHoo and the second is from MissGuided.

Thank you to my flat mate Katie for being my personal photographer.

August & September 2017

I have finally finished my August and September video and it is safe to say that I am extremely proud of this one! It is probably the longest video I have made as I did a lot though August as you all have seen if you have been following my blog through the Summer. Like and subscribe, it has been an incredible couple of months.

Friday 13th October

We all know Friday the 13th to be the day of bad luck, but luckily I am lying in my bed on a Friday night having enjoyed a nice Pizza Hut with my Uni bestie Katie. We dressed up all nice for our date night expecting to get a sophisticated Wagamamas, but as expected there was a half an hour wait. Luckily Pizza Hut was right next door.

The only bad luck I have had is loosing my ID which at Uni is one of the worst things to happen. I haven’t been able to go out all week, especially tonight when Tom Zanetti is playing at Halo. But I am saving myself for Bedlam at the O2 tomorrow night where Andy C, Skepsis, Darksy, Dimension and more are playing and a couple of my friends are coming down to stay!

I hope your Friday the 13th was as pleasant as mine!

Tokyo World 2017

Tokyo World is a day event in Bristol that my friends and I have attended the last 2 years. It is at Eastville Park, the same place as Love Saves the Day. This year people such as Ocean Wisdom, Wilkinson, Delta Heavy, Ed Solo and Wiley played. Wiley didn’t seem to actually turn up to the festival which my boyfriend was very disappointed about. My highlight was definitely Wilkinson as we were altogether when they played and everyone knows their songs.

Saturday morning I got the train to Bristol from Bournemouth at 9:00AM where my best friends Jess and Kelsey picked me up and we went to Adams Uni house. We all had a couple of drinks at his, then got the bus to Eastville park. When Tokyo World had ended we all went back to Adams for an after party and then I drove my car back to Uni the next day.

It has been a busy couple of weeks.

How to stay FRESH, through FRESHERS!

As you all know from my last post I have started Bournemouth University, meaning I have finally experienced 2 weeks of crazy partying and mental nights out. I moved into my accommodation – Cranebourne House on the 17th September and have been out nearly every night since, including spending the weekend at Tokyo World in Bristol. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all how I stayed fresh, through freshers!

Stay hydrated – This is the most important thing! Drinking water throughout the day will flush all the toxins out of your body, especially after drinking a lot the night before. What I have started to do is put a bottle of water in the fridge the night before so that it is cold and fresh when you wake up in the morning. The water that comes straight out of the taps in the accommodation is not the nicest so this is good for even when you are not hungover.

Eat well – I know that when you wake up in the morning hungover all you want is greasy food, but I promise that will make you feel worse. Instead you should wake up and have a piece of toast or fruit. Try and avoid eating a kebab. The alcohol will bloat you out enough, you do not want food making you feel worse.

Wash – Try and make sure to wash every morning, whether you are just using soap or exfoliating your skin. Try not to use a harsh cleanser every single day as it can become unhealthy, but washing your whole body especially after a night out.

Spend time alone – Spending time on your own while going through freshers is just as important as socialising. I know how hard it is to not sit in the kitchen with your flat mates or not going on a night out with your course friends but you can say no.

These factors can help you through your whole year at Uni.

Moving day | Off to Bournemouth University

Hello everybody!

Today is the day I move to Bournemouth University and I have a mix of emotions. I am sad, scared but also extremely excited to be getting  out of Somerset. I have always wanted to go to Bournemouth Uni as I already have family living there, so whenever I visited I thought it was an amazing place. Who doesn’t want to live in a city that is right next to a stunning beach?

Through this week I have caught up with a lot of friends. I went for a GBK with all my school friends, Sol and I spent the evening at the cinema on Friday next and then I saved my last evening to spend with everyone, having a couple of drinks at Wetherspoons. It is crazy that I won’t be seeing so many people for such a long time.

While I am at University I will be doing many posts to help my fellow students. Whether it is to do with what to wear on a night out to how I organise my Uni room, it will be covered on my blog. I can not wait to document everything I do and bring you all along with me. I feel as if while living in such a segregated area, like Glastonbury/Street, it is extremely hard to get myself out there. But now I feel I will be meeting many more people and hopefully learning many more skills that I can put into this blog.

I am going to take a very short break from blogging. I feel like it will be best for me to settle down in University instead of stress myself out about what I need to post and whether I am pleasing my followers. I won’t be gone for long but in the first month I need to concentrate on my socialising and getting the feel of the area. After that, the night/social life will calm down and I will have more free time, which I will put into making this blog the best it can be.

Thank you to everybody who has followed me this far and I hope you continue to come with me on my journey!

I will speak to you all soon ❤