The Best 5 Days | Glastonbury Festival 2017


Glastonbury Festival 2017

It is safe to say that this Glastonbury was the best year I have ever been. I was in the best company, the sun was shinning and I think everyone can agree that we could not of been happier. I was camping with a close group of friends, including my three best friends Kelsey, Jess and Holly and my boyfriend Solly. We camped near the top of Pennard Hill, close enough to the toilets and the night life but still far enough away. It was amazing this year as unlike last year, we were able to walk around in just socks avoiding any mud. I wore my Adidas trainers the whole time.

I don’t think I could even tell you my favourite memory of this years Glastonbury, as every single day and night was just as good as each other.  I feel as if I definitely made the most of it. Other than just being with my close friends, there were many other people around the site that I knew, like my cousins and other school friends. So it was great to spend lots of time with other people. I want every Glastonbury to be like this one, but I know that in 2 years time, a lot would of changed.

The Glastonbury comedown is real.

My Beauty Festival Essentials

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Getting ready for Glastonbury Festival 2017

With Glastonbury Festival just around the corner, it definitely about time I started to prepare what I was going to bring. My beauty festival essentials are very simple. I wear barely any makeup due to tiredness and the magic of glitter. This year is slightly different to last year as I have learnt to look after myself and have got into a striked moisturising routine, so I know that when I am at the festival I will get irritated if my skin isn’t clean.

My first and most important beauty essentials has to be body spray and different. Anybody that has been to a festival will know that after a couple of dance in the sun, dancing away, you will smell. This year I am taking Nivea Anti – Antiperspirant Spray, Sanex invisible under arm and 2 Charlie body sprays. All these items I found in Tescos for around £2 each, so very affordable. The next item is Dry Hair Shampoo – Batiste Instant Hair Refresh. Unless you use the showers provided by Glastonbury Festival or wash you hair under the sinks, your hair will get greasy after 5 days. This dry hair shampoo has always served me well so I definitely recommend it. I then also pack femfresh and wet wipes.

I also bring some sort of lip balm as whenever I drink I always seem to get sore lips, this Nivea Lip Butter I have been using all year so I bought two new ones for the festival, both at £1 each. This Vital Moisturising cream by Trilogy I got in a BirchBox and thought it is a perfect travel size. I have only used this moisturiser a couple of times and it definitely works on my skin. It is quite thick so it will be suitable to put on in the mornings of the festival. And last but not least I will be using this Simple BB Cream. I use this in the summer time and it gives me an even foundation line while also feels great on my skin. When you are out all day you do not want to be wearing loads of makeup.

Overview of the beauty packing list:

  1. Diodrent – Sanex
  2. Under arm spray – Nivea Anti – Perspirent
  3. Body spray – Charlie
  4. Femfresh
  5. Primark wet wipes
  6. Lip butter – Nivea
  7. Moisturiser – Trilogy
  8. BB Cream – Simple

I hope this short list helps any of you while you think about what to take to the festival. Quick tip, minimise the amount of stuff you take. You do not want to be carrying in loads of equipment you will not be using.

I will speak to you all after the festival!


Fathers Day evening on the beach

Sunday 18th June


This fathers day I spent at work. The shift was not fun at img_8300ALL as it was 30 degrees and hectic busy. I finished at 5:30, got changed and headed straight to Weston Beach with my family. We went to Weston at it is the closest beach to where I live, but it is not the nicest. Alice, Jack and I tried to walk to the beach, but the closest we got we begun to realise it was just pure mud that we were walking in. So we headed back and got fish and chips!

I hope you all had a good fathers day! Happy fathers day to my legend of a dad.

Hot air balloon up Glastonbury Tor

My friend Hol and I spent Saturday evening up Glastonbury Tor. First we went to Tescos, bought a load of snack and a bottle of wine then begun tracking. Honestly I can not describe how hot and sweaty it was walking up a steep hill at 6:30 in the evening. We sat on the opposite side of the way we walked up so that we could see Glastonbury festival. While we were sat eating our picnic, a hot air balloon started going up and begun to circle us around the Tor as the sun set. 

We walked down from the Tor at about 8:30 and went for a drink at a local pub called The Bear Inn. We didn’t stay out late as we were both very tired. I had been at work in this heat all day and came straight our afterwards. I had also been up since 8:00AM as my boyfriend went off to work, this is not a normal time for me to wake up but was actually really nice. I had a good breakfast in the sun with all my family, walked my dog and caught up on Love Island. Which I am loving at the moment!

I hope you all had a good weekend. 

Finally finished college!

3 years later!

img_8243It is official. I have finally finished all of my coursework and completed college. As I have said, I did A – Levels the first year, did not do too well, then started a Broadcast Media course in my second year. I am glad I did this as I am very content with my life now to


move away to University in September. Where as last year, I was a bit of a mess and think it would of been the worst idea to of moved.

I have grown up a lot in a year and think that now it is definitely time for me to get away from here. I have now got the whole of the Summer to do whatever I want, with no stress and I am excited. I will be keeping you all updated on what I am doing and will be spending way more time on my blog. I have a lot of ideas so press the follow button so that you don’t miss a post!

These are a couple of photos that were put on snapchat the day I finished college. This weekend is amazing weather, so I will be taking a lot of pictures to share.




A Happy Sunday at the Races

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Bratton Down Races

I spent my Sunday at the races with a lot of family and my boyfriend. Although the weather was not the best due to the extra windy Exmoor climate and being slightly hungover it was a great day. I normally do not even bet because I seriously hate losing but I put £2 for fun on the last race and ended up winning (even though I only won £6).

I had this weekend off work as my friend Kelsey and I were going to go to an event in Bristol, but as I said in a previous post, Kelsey got in a very bad car accident and has broken her pelvis. She is still very set on going to Glastonbury Festival, so we thought we should give it a miss. It ended up being a bonus as we quickly sold the tickets and got more that our money back!

So for my weekend off, Solly and I went to Taunton on Saturday, got a Nandos and did a bit of shopping. Then we went for a drink in the evening with some of our friends but ended up spending more money than I wanted too and getting home at 4:00AM. On the Sunday, as I have said, I spent my day at the races, then was back to work on Monday.

I know have a week to complete all of my college work as I am desperate to not have to go back just before or after Glastonbury. I can not tell you how stressed out I have been, so it is now a race with time. Wish me luck!

Where to stay and what to visit – Florida Edition


A guide to my 2 weeks in Florida last Summer – 2016

In Summer 2016, my family and I went to Florida for 2 weeks. If you followed my blog back then, which to be honest nobody really did, you will see that we did a lot of exciting stuff. So I thought I will do this post as it is coming into the Summer, to tell people who may be visiting this Summer, what to do and where to stay. This post is basically going to be a guide telling you everything I did and every hotel I stayed in for the whole 2 weeks.

DAY 1 – We flew into Miami’s International airport and picked up our hire car. We drove img_1778Chrysler Town and Country car the whole time we were in Florida, as we did a lot of travelling around. We stayed in the West in Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort for two nights. This hotel is amazing, it is in a lovely location, with easy access to restaurants and the beach.

DAY 2 – While we were here we spent pretty much all of the time on the beach and in the evening explored on the streets. While in America you HAVE to buy a huge burger and drink out of a coconut, it is tradition.

DAY 3 – On day 3, we drove to Orlando and stopped at a couple of beaches on the way. Every beach in America is very scenic. We drove to the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, which I can not praise enough. There is not much to do outside of the hotel, but the inside is very clever. There are a couple of different pools and is covered in greenery, which I love!

img_2403DAY 4 – On the first full day in Orlando we were lucky enough to visit NASA Space station and watch a real rocket take off into space. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we were so lucky that it fell onto the same day we were visiting.

DAY 5 – This is a MUST while in Orlando, we went too Universal Studios. There are two parts of this theme park, and on the first day we explored the nicer side, that is the Universal Studios. It was INCREDIBLE. As soon as you enter the theme park, it is as if you are in a different world.

DAY 6 – On this day we explore the Island of Adventures. I preferred this side of the theme park as the rides were a lot more exciting. My favourite part of the park is the Harry Potter theme, it genuinely feels like you are at Hogwarts and the ride is the best in the park.

DAY 7 – After 3 nights at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, we left and drove to Indian Rocks. Here we stayed in a family apartment for 6 nights.img_2126 The apartment was very basic, with a simple beach theme and a stair case that leads straight to Indian Rocks Beach.

While staying at Indian Rocks we spent everyday sunbathing. We visited Clearwater beach in Indian Rocks one evening, and this was the first white beach I have ever been too. One day we hired out paddle boat and another day we went parasailing.

img_2622DAY 13 – On the 13th day of being in Indian Rocks, we travelled to Naples. The hotel we stayed at in Naples was my absolute favourite. It was called Naples Grand Beach Resort and it was definitely grand. You are able to get a tram from the hotel to the beach, through a gorgeous woods.

DAY 14 – This was our last day in Florida and we spent it at this hotel sunbathing. I can not tell you how tanned I was by the end of this trip. Later on in the evening we flew home over night from Miami International airport.

This was by far the best trip I have ever been on and I am so grateful for the opportunity. I hope me writing everything I did on this trip can help other people when planning a holiday to Florida. If you have any questions or want anymore detail about the information I have given, comment below!

A new month, a new spa

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The Mount Somerset Hotel & Spa – Taunton

It seems to be that on the 1st of every month I go to a spa. Well this has happened twice, May 1st Bath Spa and on June 1st Alice, my mum and I went to The Mount Somerset Spa in Taunton. This spa is a lot different to Bath Spa as it is smaller and quieter. There was not anybody else there so we had the whole jacuzzi, steam room and sauna to ourselves. The showers were the coolest part as you can choose between storms in different countries and it portrays them by flashing different coloured lights and the pressure of water coming out. It was also a very sunny day on Thursday, so mum and I sunbathed for an hour and ended up getting quite sun burnt on my face before going in for my treatment.

In my treatment I had a back, neck and arm massage which was amazing as she got rid of all my notch and made me feel extremely refreshed. I also had a facial where she showed me what products I should be using and what I shouldn’t be using. She told me my skin was very sensitive and that I had a couple of dry patches above and below my eyes. At the end of the session she gave me a copy of the names of all the products they use at this spa and ticked the ones she used on me. 24 hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser was the key product as she thinks it will really help my skin if I start using an eye dehydrator from a young age. Apparently using a normal moisturiser on your eyes is not good for re – hydrating as the thickness of the cream clogs up your pours.

Although I had an amazing day at the spa I had to rush back for work and ended up being an hour late. The restaurant was extremely busy and when my colleague and I didn’t think it could get any worse, we had a power cut. By 9:00PM half the restaurant was un – able to be fed so got free drinks all night. Finally at 10:30PM the power came on so we could carefully shut down the restaurant. At the time of this we were all extremely stressed but when they came on even the customers found it hilarious.

Love Saves The Day 2017

Sunday 28th May

Love Saves the Day this year was absolutely amazing. It was one of those events that I ended up not even being excited about as my friend couldn’t come because of her car crash. But because I was not looking forward to it, it made it 100x better. It is a friendly, two day festival at Eastville park, that My Nu Lend and Nadia Rose played at. If you live near the area or are around in Bristol on the May bank holiday I seriously recommend. The day tickets are around £35.00 and you definitely make the most of your money. After Love Saves the Day I also went too the Motion after party, but by the time it got to 3:00AM, I was absolutely dead. So my friend Adam and I got a taxi back to his UWE accommodation and I stayed at my cousins (the girl on the right on the bottom photo) as she also goes to UWE. I went to this event with my cousin Anna, her friend Laura and Anna’s boyfriend Olle. But I also had a couple of friends from home who attended. This event takes place at the same place as Tokyo World, which happens at the end of September. So if you missed Love Saves the Day, definitely by your tickets for Tokyo World.

My outfit:

Top – Pretty Little Thing

Trousers – Boohoo

Trainers – Adidas

Sunglasses – Amazon

This is the beginning of the Summer, now I just need to finish all of my college work. I am writing this post on my last day of the half term, while trying to write out everything I need to do this week. I have been really slacking on my blog but at the same time have been extremely busy this week. But I have many posts in my draft ready to go live.

The Daily Scrub that saved my life


Neutrogena – Visible clear, pore and shine daily scrub

As I have said in a previous post, I went through a bit of a phase where I really want to have healthy skin and not wear too much make up on a daily basis. So on that day, I went into Tescos and came across a lot of cheap products. This one caught my eye as it only costed around £5 or less and smelt amazing. I love the taste and smell of lime so it is perfect for me.

I do not use this scrub everyday, although it is called a daily scrub, but I try and use it weekly. Most Sundays or Monday nights I try and have a bath to refresh myself for the whole week. I scrub this product all over my face and neck, until it goes a very light white colour. I then leave it on my face for a couple of minutes and wait for it to sink into my skin, then after I wash it all off with a hot flannel. This scrub actually opens up your pours and clears into your skin, so you have to make sure you moisturise afterwards to make sure no dirt gets inside. I normally use the Nivea Night Time cream as it is a thick cream and makes you feel refreshed before you go to bed.

So if you are looking for a cheap daily scrub I definitely recommend this one, it smells incredible and is very easy on your skin.

Links to buy the products: