Moving day | Off to Bournemouth University

Hello everybody!

Today is the day I move to Bournemouth University and I have a mix of emotions. I am sad, scared but also extremely excited to be getting  out of Somerset. I have always wanted to go to Bournemouth Uni as I already have family living there, so whenever I visited I thought it was an amazing place. Who doesn’t want to live in a city that is right next to a stunning beach?

Through this week I have caught up with a lot of friends. I went for a GBK with all my school friends, Sol and I spent the evening at the cinema on Friday next and then I saved my last evening to spend with everyone, having a couple of drinks at Wetherspoons. It is crazy that I won’t be seeing so many people for such a long time.

While I am at University I will be doing many posts to help my fellow students. Whether it is to do with what to wear on a night out to how I organise my Uni room, it will be covered on my blog. I can not wait to document everything I do and bring you all along with me. I feel as if while living in such a segregated area, like Glastonbury/Street, it is extremely hard to get myself out there. But now I feel I will be meeting many more people and hopefully learning many more skills that I can put into this blog.

I am going to take a very short break from blogging. I feel like it will be best for me to settle down in University instead of stress myself out about what I need to post and whether I am pleasing my followers. I won’t be gone for long but in the first month I need to concentrate on my socialising and getting the feel of the area. After that, the night/social life will calm down and I will have more free time, which I will put into making this blog the best it can be.

Thank you to everybody who has followed me this far and I hope you continue to come with me on my journey!

I will speak to you all soon ❤

Siam Water Park | Tenerife


Tuesday 5th September

Going to Siam Park was Solly’s highlight of our whole holiday. He pre – booked the tickets and even got fast track! If you are ever in Tenerife you must go to this water park, whether you enjoy going down slides or not it will definitely be an amazing day out. The scenery is incredible and so is the atmosphere. 


End of Summer Shindig ⭐️ Pt. 1

My leaving do!

As you all probably know I am moving to Bournemouth University on Sunday. So to celebrate with all my friends I had a huge party August bank holiday weekend. It was an amazing night which I do not remember much of.

I bought my camera out when a couple of friends and I were setting up the marquee and ended up leaving it out all night, meaning it was filled with lot and lots of crazy photos! There were over 250 pictures on the camera and these are my favourite 10, at some point I will show you a couple more but for now I will leave you with these photos and you can use your imagination of what happened.

Mini Golf & Pizza | Puerto De La Cruz

On our 3rd night, instead of having dinner and a drink in the hotel we went to a mini golf club which was a 10 minute walk away. You start by playing a game of mini golf and then you sit down and have a huge pizza. I had a calzone pizza and solly got BBQ chicken. It was a very fun evening.

As you can see from the photos it was a beautiful setting. The whole course was set around a small water fountain and the place was full of lots of lovely plants.

The weekend after Tenerife | Sollys 20th Birthday 

Sol and I arrived home from Tenerife on Friday 8th at around 6:00PM. As soon as I arrived home all of my friends and school friends had decided that they wanted to have 1 big night out before everyone goes off to Uni. As I had already said it was Solly’s birthday on Saturday 9th and he turned 20. So I did not want to ruin the day by being to hungover, so I went out but did not drink excessively.

For Solly’s 20th I went to his through the day before going home and getting ready for his night out. All the boys went for a Chinese and met us girls at Wetherspoons. We then went back to one of our friends homes when spoons closed where we continued to drink more. Solly had a great birthday!!