Sunday 18th March

This is a cute, little vintage video I made of my whole birthday weekend. I have never made a video in fashion before but I really like it. It has made it very old fashioned and also turns my videos which are bad quality into something artistic.

Let me know if you like this style of video?

Halo Friday’s & early birthday lunch with dad

Friday 16th March

So to begin my birthday weekend, I thought it would be amazing to have a massive pre drinks and go to one of my favourite clubs in Bournemouth. On the 16th it was a DnB event which was even better. All the girls and boys in my seminar made the effort to come and say hello just because it was my birthday. I’ve never felt so amazing!

Saturday 17th March

On Saturday morning I drove home and met my dad for lunch because he was meant to be going back to Saudi early Sunday which was my actual birthday. Unfortunatly Dad was feeling really early and postponed his flight until the Tuesday, which for me is very fortunate. I spent a lot of the Saturday just chilling at home until I was going out with my close friends at home on the Saturday night.

Basically, on Saturday night I got so so drunk that when I left the club I was sliding on the ice everywhere, causing me to drop my phone, loose it for half an hour and it be run over by a car, hahahahhaha! (Actually it is not that funny I am very upset about it.) I am hoping today it will be fixed so I can share way my photographs with you all and make a birthday weekend video. Other than that, my weekend has been amazing. If it is not able to get fixe, I won’t have any photographs to share with you of my outfit or incredible friends, just awful ones of me that everyone posted on their snapchat stories haha.

How was your weekend?

happy friday!

It is officially the beginning of my birthday weekend. On Sunday I turn 20, how crazy! Time is flying by but I am extremely excited. Tonight I am going out to a club called Halo with my friends at University. Then on Saturday morning I am driving home and meeting my Dad for a quick lunch. Dad can’t be home for my actual birthday so we are celebrating it together on the Saturday. Saturday evening I am spending the evening with my friends from home, maybe just go to Whether-spoons then a nightclub, don’t want to be too hanging on my birthday. On the Sunday, I will probably spend the whole day with my boyfriend before Mum cooks us all a birthday roast in the evening. I can not wait!

Last night my best friend Katie, took me for an early birthday Wagamas and she can’t be here this evening as she is going away with her boyfriend. After, we went for 2 for 1 cocktails at Turtle Bay with Maddi and Ellie. These are the girls I am living with next year! We got all dressed up and she really treated me. It has been a lush start to a fun few days. Ill check in with you all on Monday! I am going to take this weekend to really relax and spend time with my closest friends and family!

2 days is not enough

For the first time in a long time, I spent the whole weekend at Uni. For some reason, by the time it gets to the weekends normally I am ready for my own bed because the weekends become very expensive here. I am a bit wet when it comes to being here all on my own, but I have had a crazy weekend.

Friday 9th March

On Friday I had a really important test for one of my modules and to celebrate how bad I think I did I went out with my girls for the night, to an event called Lollipop. I wore a Forever 21 dress which I bought in America two years ago. I haven’t worn it in a while so I though it was about time to get it back out again. Its a deep, forest green which is one of my all time favourite colours. I think it brings out my features and highlights my bright blonde hair. Green also brings out the colour pink so I could wear my Suede Pink Nike Air Force 1 that Solly bought me for Christmas. The dress is figure hugging, with a slightly flared bottom half which buttons up to my neck as if it is a shirt. I love to wear a black lace bralette underneath as it will slightly pop out and make the dress look slightly more fancy.

Saturday 10th March

On Saturday i ended up waking up extremely late/early afternoon, so I went straight over to my friends where we chilled and got excited about going to the Bournemouth O2 Academy to watch My Nu Lent, Hazard, Dj Zinc and a few more. It was a hilarious night. I ended up wearing one of my friends dresses which again, was from Forever 21. It was a fish net dress where I wore a white bralette underneath and a dark mini skirt. I have never wore something like this before so was nice to dress up in something different.

Sunday 11th March

On Sunday I grabbed a coffee with a couple of my friends and spent the rest of the evening chilling with the girls I am living with next year (- Katie.) We made some nachos and pizza before I went home and tried to get an early night!

Although I spent a lot of money, this weekend has made me realise how settled I am into University. You will never experience anything like it, so all you students, make the most of it!

Groovy Silent Disco

1200x630bbI found this new photo app called Huji, which is technically a disposable camera. I have always loved the way photos come out when they are composed through a disposable camera, it makes them look funky and old fashioned. So I thought I would give the app a go on a night out and I love how the photos have come out. It is just a little awkward passing your phone to a randomer and they don’t know what they are doing, haha! What do you all think about the style of these photos?

The Old Fire Station – Silent Disco

A big group of my course friends decided to go to the Silent Disco which actually ended up being a really good night. I wore my black mom jeans from ASOS and a pretty off the shoulder top which was also from ASOS. It wasn’t the best thing to wear as it is quite tight on my arms so I ended up wearing it as a boob tube for most of the evening.

turtle bay, Italian & a blizzard


How beautiful was the snow? I can not believe that right at the beginning of March our gardens were covered in snow. When the snow hit Somerset I was driving up for two nights in Bath. Because of the snow a lot of places in Bath were shut. On Thursday night we went out for an Italian dinner which was just around the corner from the Hilton Bath City Hotel, called Antica Restaurant. We got there at 8:00PM and as soon as we walked in they said they would shut soon because of the snow, the whole of Bath was a ghost town.

On Friday, we got up early for breakfast and then chilled in the room. Our plan was to go to Bath Spa in the evening so we had a relaxing day and went out for a big lunch at Giraffe. I got the nicest beef burrito, would highly recommend. Stupidly before we walked down to the spa we didn’t check to see if it was open (and it was shut.) So that evening we went to Turtle Bay for a couple of cocktails and then had some snacks at the bar in the hotel. Everywhere was so dead due to the weather!

Im sure you can all tell that I never see snow that much, haha!

snowy getaway in bath


If you read one of my last blog posts you would of seen that my boyfriend and I were meant to take a 3 day trip to Dublin. We arrived to the airport earlyWednesday morning for our flight that was meant to take off at 8:05AM. After 6 hours of sitting on our phones, drinking coffee and spending a ridiculous amount of money of food the flight finally got cancelled because of the crazy drop in temperature and flood of snow.

Solly and I left the airport at 1:00PM and decided that instead we will just spend two nights in Bath because Sol never gets time off work so we had to do something.

Hilton Bath City Hotel

Review РHilton Bath City Hotel is a great hotel with great customer service. The rooms were spacious with a bath, TV and free tea or coffee. The view out of the window was stunning, especially when Bath is covered in snow. They have a full english buffet for breakfast which is a big bonus, although on a weekday they stop serving breakfast at 9:30AM. I would highly recommend staying in this hotel, it is centred right in the middle of Bath by the river, so it is just a 2 minute walk from all the shops.

For two nights we stayed at the Hilton Bath Hotel. We drove up early Thursday afternoon while the snow was coming down heavy. Luckily by the time we got there it hadn’t set yet, so it wasn’t too slippery.

After the snow had set a lot of places were shut so we did find it hard to occupy are time, but it was nice just to relax. Bath spa was shut, the shops and a lot of the restaurants and bars shut early in the evenings. But having two nights away from home was very nice. We came back Saturday afternoon when the snow had turned into slosh. We did a bit of shopping in the morning (well Solly did) and got home just after lunch time. When Solly and I go away together it is very hard to not spend all our money on food.