how to spend valentines day single/away from your boyfriend

These are photos from the weekend where my boyfriend Solly and I celebrated Valentines Day early. He arrived on the Saturday early afternoon, but it was such horrible weather neither of us wanted to leave the flat. So we waited until the evening where we went for dinner at Chiquitos in the Bournemouth town centre. I have never been there before but I would definitely recommend it. We decided to try something different as we spend most of our time in places such as Frankie & Bennies. Solly got a fajita and I got a beef burger, they were both amazing and the service was great. The next day we had a lye in then decided to walk down to the beach where we got a light lunch and spent all of Solly money in the arcade. The weather was a lot nicer on Sunday but was still blowing up a storm, hopefully the weather will improve throughout the week. The sun is getting me excited for the Summer.

Obviously I am not single, I have had a boyfriend for nearly 4 years. But as I am spending this Valentines Day apart from my boyfriend I thought I would share with all you singletons what my friends and I got up to on Valentines Day and give you ideas so you do not feel lonely.

Yes, Valentines Day is a day of love but is there a real reason why you should feel so lonely on this one day out of the year? Instead of being upset about being single, it is a time to share you love to everyone else you have around you. I spent my Valentines Day having a few cocktails at Turtle Bay with my closest friends at University. There are other ways to be spending your time rather than pining over having a boyfriend/girlfriend, it can be a day to celebrate your independence.

How did you all spend Valentines Day?


How to have a good night sleep at University…

Sleeping at University is one of the hardest things in the world. You are lying in an uncomfortable bed, within a tiny room and loads of students are playing music or making loads of noise right outside your window. So I have found an amazing, natural solution of how I easily fall to sleep at night.

Right at the beginning of University my mum took me to Holland and Barrett to find myself a remedy to get myself to sleep at night. I already had a problem with sleeping when I am in my own bed, let alone sleeping at University.

Miaroma – Lavender & Coconut Oil Hydrating Spritz

We came across this oil in which you spray on your face and body to calm your mind. It helps relax your body to easily sleep at night. I personally try not to use it every single night as I do not want to rely on anything to be able to sleep, although this is 100% natural. But using it when you are really struggling is not a problem. Although this spray is mainly used for falling asleep, it can be used when you are stressed or at anytime you are needing to relax.

This natural, relaxing and hydrating spritz can be applied all over your face and body, to calm your mind. This innovative formula contains liquid coconut oil, to quench dehydrated skin with a light sheen of nourishment and hydration. 

Although this is the main product that helps myself sleep, there are many other natural way.

  1. The first one being, make sure you lock your door. Being in Uni halls can be quite daunting, especially when your flat mates are coming back late at night drunk, with people they don’t even know. Locking your door will give your brain the security it needs to help you fall as well.
  2. Create a comfortable environment for yourself. By having a couple of cuddly toys and pillows will easily do the trick as you will feel at home.
  3. Try and cut out on late night snacking. Eating late at night means that the food will stick in your digestive system and keep you wide awake.
  4. Try and create your own night time routine. At University this will not be the same every night, but having a routine will let your body know it is time to sleep.
  5. Avoid napping in the day. I do not usually nap, at Uni I have tried to only get into bed when it is time to sleep but I know from other people that napping is the main cause of not being able to sleep at night. It will ruin your sleeping pattern.

Sleeping at University was my biggest struggle at the beginning, I hope these tips will help you all, whether you are at University or not.

4 instant confident boosters this Valentines Day

Primark Bralette // Kylie Jenner Lip Kit – Mary Jo // Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula – Natural Bronze // Gucci Bamboo Perfume

Everybody wants to feel their best this Valentines Day. Whether you are alone or with your loved one, these 4 instant confidence boosters are the top tips to make you feel ready.


Nice underwear on valentines day is ALWAYS a must. Again whether you are with you boyfriend or you are alone, wearing pretty, matching underwear will always make you feel 100 times more confident. When I am wearing matching underwear in the morning, I feel like I am ready to face the day.

These perfect Valentines Day undies are from Primark. Very cheap, very comfortable yet they always look amazing. Red is the best colour to wear as this colour instantly makes you feel sexy.


Wearing red lipstick will instantly make you feel powerful. My Kylie Jenner Lip Kit is my favourite red lipstick as it is one I do not wear often, but when I do it makes a statement.

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.


Being tanned in the Summer is the most amazing feeling. Your skin is glowing and you look naturally gorgeous so obviously this is a massive confidence booster. Obviously in England at the moment you will not be getting a tan. So I use a natural bronze body lotion.

Palmers: Cocoa Butter Formula – Natural Bronze Body Lotion


For Christmas my boyfriend bought me a new amazing perfume. It is Gucci Bamboo. Smelling amazing is a huge part of feeling confident because as you must all notice, when you forget to put you deodorant on in the morning, or forget to spray your favourite perfume, you feel an instant insecurity. So remember, overload yourself with perfume and re – do your shower routine and you will feel ready for valentines day!

Have a happy Valentines Day! What do you do to make yourself feel confident?

Healthy Pancake Recipe | Pancake Day

Pancake Day is never a good one when you are trying to get that Summer body. Spending the whole day eating pancakes covered in sugar, lemon, Nutella, ice-cream and whatever else you put on top is definitely a mega cheat day. So I have found a way to avoid your guilty conscience on pancake day (although I will not be following this, I will be stuffing my face.)

I came across these healthy pancakes a long time ago, so I thought now would be the best time to share with you this extremely easy recipe. I found this recipe when I was strict dieting through the summer as I have a massive sweet tooth, this always did the trick for me.For a long time I was making these pancakes either for breakfast or for my dessert after dinner.

It involves only 3 ingredients: eggs, bananas and honey.

Eggs – Eggs are good for you because they are loaded with high quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and good fats. 

Bananas – Bananas are high potassium and contains a god level of protein and dietary fibre.

Honey – As I have spoken about previously on my blog, honey is good for you as it is a blend of sugar, minerals and vitamins, which is unlike any other sweetener on the planet. It has many health benefits when used in moderation.

Step by step:

  1. First of all, cut up the banana and lay them into a mixing bowl. The crack the egg into the mixing bowl and being to mix them together with a fork.
  2. Mixing the banana and egg takes a lot of work as they are both essentially solids. Instead of whisking it, use the fork to squish the bananas into little bits.
  3. The banana and egg mix turns slightly frothy. It doesn’t matter if there are still tiny bits of banana left as it will take a long time to get rid of them all.
  4. When you are happy with your mix, pour it into a well heated frying pan like you would do with a normal pancake.
  5. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to keep the pancake all in one piece as when you try to flip it over it normally breaks in half. But it does not matter, it will still taste the same.
  6. When you have finished cooking it, pop it on to a plate and cover it in honey. It tastes amazing!

I hope I have helped you all with sticking to your diet plans on pancake day. Its amazing, just three ingredients! What are you all giving up for lent this year?

How to drink your skin healthy…


Try and drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Water is the best cleanser for the insides of your body and skin toxins. Increasing your water intake will give your skin that extra glow that not many products can give you. If your skin is not getting enough water, you hydration with end with dry and tight skin, which can also lead to early wrinkles in the future.


In the morning it is best to stick to either black coffee or tea. I normally go for coffee as it wakes me up in the morning. Having a cappuccino or latte is also OK but try and stick to just one a day! A smoothie is also a good thing to drink in the morning as it means you will start the day with fruit in your system. Especially when you are at Uni, it is the perfect drink before an early start if you are not too hungry.


In the afternoon it is best to drink green tea rather than filling yourself up on coffee. Green tea has an anti – ageing benefit that can delay any signs of ageing however old you are. It can stop sun damage, sagging skin, spots, dine lines and even wrinkles


In the evening try and drink a glass of cranberry with your dinner. (Read about why cranberry is good for you –


Before bed have a glass of detox water. This is cold water and ice, infused with cucumber, mint and lemon. This will detox your body before you go to bed, helping you relax and water and lemon are both very good for you.

bournemouth bedlam TAKE 2

As you would of seen previously in my blog, a couple of my friends came up to Bournemouth for this event called Bedlam where different DJ sets played. On Saturday 27th they came up again for the second Bedlam. This time it was Sub Focus, Pendulum, Macky Gee and a couple other sets and we all had a great night. Its very unusual for me to not take photos but for some reason I was having so much fun that taking photos or videos was the last thing on my mind.

Again I wore those pink puff earrings from Primark and my top was from Urban Outfitters. I loved my outfit this night!