a weekend in hollands wood, new forest

Camping in the New Forest, Dorset

I would massively recommend a weekend away at the New Forest. It is very relaxing and a lot of fun. The place is filled with horses, on the first morning a shetland pony came charging at us for our food! Although there is not that much to do around us bar cycling and long walks it is a very pretty area. I would go back again!

Bag – SHEIN (buy here)

Solly and I were not able to go on a holiday this year due to him being super busy with work and us both having so many other things planned, so we thought we should spend a weekend in a tent instead. We have now both spent 2 weekends in a row in a tent, the first weekend being in a smelly, muddy field with lots of other people to the second weekend doing it properly. We borrowed my mums Glastonbury Festival tent that has one pod with a huge middle bit to keep all of our stuff in. We bought a gas cooker to make ourselves cups of tea and breakfast every morning, I stocked us up on food and beer and made our sleeping area extremely snug.


Weekend In Bournemouth

Weekend in Watford

On Friday evening Sol did not finish work until 6:30PM so we did not get to the campsite until it was pitch black. Putting the tent up in the dark was a struggle, especially when we had people taking the micky out of us when they walked passed.

On Saturday we had a long morning, relaxing outside the tent and trying to figure out how to cook some sausages without burning them. In the afternoon we went to Hurst Castle which is Henry VIII castle, a prison of Charles and a World War 2 theatre. To get to it we either had to get a ferry or walk for a couple miles along the sea front. Stupidly we decided to walk, forgetting how windy it would be being right by the seaside, but when we got there we were glad we visited. Solly loves things like this.

In the evening we went for dinner at The Snake Catcher which was not amazing. I got whitebait to start and before I had even finished they bought out my burger. It seemed like they were in a massive rush, but I did hear that they had been packed all day. On Sunday we went to Christchurch Harbour which I loved!! It was so cute, people were crabbing, paddle boarding and it was filled with lots of boats. Thankfully it was actually sunny so we were able to sit on the rocks and eat fish and chips.

I am getting my disposable cameras printed of today and I can not wait to share with you the craziness of Boomtown, bits of London and some cute pictures from camping. Disposable camera photos are my favourite, they look so nice when they are printed out. Was thinking of carrying one around all the time so I can hang the photos up in my University room!

dinner at the Pig Hotel, near Bath

Mums birthday dinner!!

Dress – Forever 21

Miami to Orlando

Naples for the night


On Tuesday 7th August my whole family went over to The Pig near Bath where my parents were staying for the night to celebrate my Mums birthday. It was an extremely posh farm hotel with all 100% organic food. I ate a lot of fish, squid for a starter and plaice as a main.

The restaurant is completely in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields and a gorgeous garden. My parents are completely living the high life at the moment going from hotel to hotel with my dads work.

boom boom boom


It is currently the Wednesday after Boomtown and I am sat on my bed trying to recover. I feel like I have so much to do but my brain will not let me, the Boomtown blues are real. This is the only festival I have this year and it makes me so sad that I have to wait for such a long time for another. These are the only photographs I got on my phone through the whole weekend as I spent most of my time taking videos and trying to fill up my disposable cameras.

This weekend Solly and I are going camping so I am trying to organise all of our stuff to make it perfect. I hope the weather get better!! Today I will get half of my disposables printed and I can’t wait. I feel like I have so much going on the next couple of weeks. Camping, BBQ and birthdays, Malaga, my boyfriends birthday, visiting London again and then the move back to University. I am trying to write lots of lists to make sure everything gets done.

Happy Wednesday everybody!

City of Love

J’adore Paris – 35mm

Around 3 years ago my cousins and I spent a couple nights in Paris. We ate, we drank and visited every sight there is to the point our feet were in pieces. For some stupid reason I wore high heels on the day we visited the Eiffel Tower and by the end my feet were in 2, I do not wear high heels and I don’t think I ever have since. My mum booked this trip to Paris for us and placed us in the gay capital of Paris so going out in the evenings was hilarious. We met the funniest people while sat drinking funky cocktails.

I used a 35mm lens camera to take thee photos and they came out amazing. I love the look of disposable cameras and this is just a better quality version. It made the whole trip look extremely vintage and old fashion which is the style I love. I haven’t used this camera since because I just have to found an occasion. There is so much technology these days, when i go abroad I would be taking 3 cameras.

Paris is definitely somewhere I would visit again but there are a lot more city breaks that I want to do first including Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam, Rome and I would definitely rush back to Barcelona first!!

I am currently getting all my outfits together for Boomtown on Thursday, how exciting!! Typical that the weather had done a complete 1-80, now its meant to be raining this weekend.

The golden hour & 5 fake tanning tips everyone should know


Pictures taken at the best time of the day, early evening when the sun is at the perfect angle to get the best quality pictures. These are pictures from my family holiday to Portugal. I was slightly scared to upload them as bikini pics have never been my thing, even though I am away a lot, haha! I way prefer taking pictures of the scenery or other people.

In need of vitamin D

Recently I have got really into tanning. All my friends at University do the same so standing next to them on nights out and in photographs can make me feel really insecure because at the moment I am extremely pale, to the point I feel like I look ill all the time. 
I use Bondi Sands – Dark as it was recommended by my close friends as being the best one, all though it is slightly more expensive. I am now addicted!

My 5 fake tanning tips:


Exfoliating before tanning is very important. It will remove the dead skin cells and create a smooth surface for you to apply the fake tan. I love to use exfoliating gloves with a Body Shop Body Scrub – which a speak about in my blog post about clearing dead skin this time of the year.


On the day of your self tanning, try and stay clear of any sort of moisturisers. It can make your skin crack meaning the tanning will not go on smoothly and will mix in with the product. Stick to just exfoliating,


Try and shave your legs/have a wax before tanning. It will leave you with super soft skin and will look even better with a tan.


The best technique is to start self tanning from the bottom of your boy to the tip. Use your mitt and rub the self tanner into your skin in circular motions, from your ankles up and work your way up to your shoulders. Save your arms and hands for last.


With Bondi Sands, my tan lasts around a week before it starts going slightly patchy but there a measures which can be taken for it to last as long as possible. Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser, not a tough exfoliator and make sure that your skin is always moisterized. When you are ready for your skin to be refreshed, exfoliate your skin and start again.

Portugal 2018


I have finally finished my Portugal video!! I tried out some new effects, such as glitches and fast zooms. Instead of making this video out people I was planning on making it slightly more artistic, but unfortunately I made it once amazingly and lost it. So I had to stick with this version. I am still proud of it but upset about how bad the quality is once I have put it on Youtube.

Flower power & Pina coladas

A beautiful day for a beautiful beach

Óbidos Castle: a different day, a different beach

Berlinga Island

If you want to see it in better quality have a look on my Instagram account @emilymaythorne!! I DON NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG: Louis the Child – Slow Down Love.

I hope you enjoy it anyway!

What I have loved this month: July



This is my favourite outfit this month. It is so easy especially through this heatwave. When I was in London getting on the tube to work was an absolute nightmare, but when I started to wear my TopShop dresses like this one I felt so much better. The material is very light which makes me want to wear it every day. I never thought orange would be my colour because I have very blonde hair, but after I wore it for the first time I literally fell in love.

Never been to Notting Hill

Summer dresses have been my thing this year, I love pretty things. Boho, girly but I also love the retro, festival style. I can’t wait to share with you all my Boomtown outfits.


This month I have been reading SweetBitter which is a novel by Stephanie Danler. I am not that far into it yet but it is a book that I have seen advertised everywhere, especially in America. It is about a young girl who moves to New York to start her new career but goes down the wrong path by hanging out with the crowd and getting involved with the wrong things. So far I am loving but I do find it hard to find time to read books. Since being in London it has been something that I definitely want to get into as it does increase your worldly knowledge and your ability to read and write. Especially as I am doing a course based slightly on English Literature.

I bought this book from Amazon and I do recommend it as the perfect Summer time read. It is very different to anything I have read before. It has now become a major television show in America which I will start watching once I have finished the book.


This has been my favourite beauty product for a while. As you can probably tell from my blog I am not massively into make up. I don’t buy expensive make up, I don’t wear lots of make up, I am just not passionate about it. Don’t get me wrong, before I am going on a night out I like to use my Morphe or Naked eye shadow pallets but on a day to day business it just is not my thing. I am way more into skincare and making my skin glow, as you can probably see.

But saying that, I have recently been LOVING this M.A.C highlighter. If there is any make up I wear it is BB cream, mascara and highlighter. This product just makes your skin glow incredibly, without giving it an obvious line across your face. It is very suttle and very thin, making it pretty easy to use and you don’t need much of it. It is the perfect Summer make up product.

This one is called Soft and Gentle – you can check it out through this link!


As you all know I have been in London the past 3 weeks so it is very hard for me to pick a favourite place as London as a whole is amazing. But if I had to pick one place it would probably be Covent Garden (or Hyde Park in the Summer)! Covent Garden is the perfect place to go and hang out after work, there is music playing, lots of fancy shops and just a good atmosphere. I was lucky enough to be working just a 20 minute walk from Oxford Street and Covent Garden so I found it extremely hard to not go shopping after work – I think this is how I spent so much money, aha!

July has been a very exciting month for me, a lot of new doors have opened and it has inspired me to do a lot more stuff with my time. Travelling, days out and not just sitting about wasting my days. Life is too short and I would hate to look back in the future and think what if. Make the most of everything. 

In need of vitamin sea

Sao Marinho Do Porto beach on a beautifully sunny day.


Jack and I getting out of the sea in the Golden Hour!

Cute little shops below and  surrounding Obidos Castle.

There were decorated bikes everywhere in Portugal. We came to the conclusion that they were our version on scarecrows or something, haha!

The best spaghetti carbonara I have had in a very long time!! After a day at the beach we were all desperate for Italian food (apart from my brother who just craves meat.) We found the cutest little resturent just by the beach with the nicest waitresses and the best food.

Alice and I ‘paddle boarding,’ haha! The tide was so strong this day that my Mum and Dad pulled us along on there kaiak, how lazy are we.

My brother and I enjoying the freezing cold sea. The waves were massive this day we were being completely swept away.

Our family villa. What a beautiful view!!

Another picture from Obidos Castle, the place was so beautiful and filled with colour.

BBQ time!! 

The first day at the beach, obviously holding a nice, cold mojito!

A little TB of my family holiday in Portugal. I can not wait to go away in September with my friends!! Although England is sunny, there is nothing like a holiday. Summer is the best!


My last day and Fire Fly Communication – they bought me a thank you card and notebook for helping out in their company

A pretty building right next to my work – I have to walk through here to get to the office every morning

On the Friday evening I met all my seminar group from University and we went to an event in Tottenham. Was a good way to end my 3 weeks in London!

Friday was my last day working at Firefly Communications in London. I got the train back to Somerset on the Saturday morning where my boyfriend Solly picked me up to go home. As soon as I got home and saw all my friends that evening it felt like I have never been gone. I honestly had the most amazing time away and will definitely be back in London soon. There is way too much to do compared to Somerset and that is what I love. I love to be busy.

Now it is time to go back to working at the pub and getting prepared for Boomtown which is next week!!

Sundaysssss – The Shard & Meat Liqour

Dress – Misguided 

You have probably come across a lot of dresses in this style before, I bought this one around this time last year so I don’t think they sell this pattern anymore but they definitely still sell this style of dress. I have only actually worn this once and that was for my boyfriends birthday last September, but I thought it was appropriate for going up The Shard. Its fancy but not too fancy. 

Sunday 22nd July


On Sunday my Dad was on his way through London as he was going to stay at my Auntie Gillys the night before he flew back to Saudi Arabia, so he stopped of late afternoon to see me. I have not seen anyone from home since I have been here, although it has only been 2 weeks it is always nice to see a familiar face.

I met him at London Underground station, where we got search and made our way to the bar in The Shard. I have never actually been up The Shard before but it was definitely something on my bucket list to do while I was here, so there was no better time to do it that when my Dad would be paying, haha!

If you did not know The Shard is the tallest building (at the moment) in London. Inside is a hotel, multiple bars and restaurants, it is extremely expensive and fancy as you can see from the pictures.

My weekend in Photos

Dad and I got a nice window seat and chatted about life with two glasses of champagne in the GONG bar. It was really nice to be able to spill the beans on absolutely everything that had been going on the past two weeks!!


After I had been with Dad I went for dinner with my two University friends Joey and Kimia. I hadn’t actually seen Joey yet so was exciting to spend time with him in London! We chilled at Hyde Park for a bit before making our way over to Meat Liquor in Oxford Street. I hadn’t eaten much all day so this burger was perfect! You should follow Kimias food page on Instagram – Kimiaeats – where she post all her food!!

Overall I had the best weekend and I can’t believe it is nearly the end of my time in London, it has been the time of my life. I will definitely be back!