Highlights of 2017 & taking a break

I have finally finished my video of the whole of 2017. This has to be one of my favourite videos as it includes all my highlights of the year. I have had the best year ever as you will be able to see with in this video. All the songs are remixes that I merged into one and they perfectly go with that time of the year.

I hope everyone is having a good January, mine is a bit dull. I’ve got loads of deadlines and am spending all my time in my lonely Uni room. After next Thursday I am free to socialise again but until then I am locking myself inside to get it done. Who is doing Dry January? Because I am giving it ago or even just cutting down as being fit and healthy this year is important to me as I want my Summer body!

Taking a break:

Since blogging of the Christmas holidays I had a realisation, blogging is stressing me out more than I am enjoying it. So I was thinking I will give myself a little break to sort out what I actually want to write about. It has become more of a chore than something I enjoy and I don’t want it to be like that. I have realised that less is more, so was thinking I will concentrate on making my posts amazing rather than posting all the time but writing the bare minimum. Whilst being at Uni I am finding it very heard to keep up on top of things and my work comes first. If you have read my New Years resolutions post you would of seen that my first one is to prioritise. So once I have got my priorities straight and I find a good balance with Uni work, socialising, gym and blogging I will get right back into it.

I will check up with you all soon. Have a good rest of your month.

How to “bounce back” this January

It is the beginning of January and every body wants to start a fresh. It’s time to get fit, healthy and cleanse all the toxins from over Christmas out of your body. This post is going to be 5 quick and easy tips to make yourself feel slightly more lively at the beginning of this long month. These are going to be based more around how you feel on your inside, rather than to do with being fit and healthy. Drinking lots of alcohol and eating your body weight in cheese can make your skin break out, so here are a few tips to help you get back on track and feeling your best self.


This is one of the main points to get back on track, drink lots of water! I try and drink 3 pints a day because we are having to rehydrate our bodies from Christmas. This is an important start to your cleanse as it will naturally flush your system.


As your are going out a lot over Christmas it is important to give your skin a break. Wearing no make up and cleaning your skin thoroughly for just a couple of days will make a big difference. If you are like me, alcohol makes my skin break out so at the moment I have quite a few spots that I never normally get. So throughout this week I have been doing my winter skin routine (which you can read here -https://emilymaythorne.com/2017/12/26/3-winter-skin-care-products/ ) and already I am feeling a lot more hydrated. Exfoliating is important as your pours need a good clean. Even just cleaning your face with water every morning will make you


Try and avoid plastering layers of make up on your skin for a couple of days. Like I have said, your skin needs a break and this is the best way to let it breathe.


Since 2018 has begun I have been trying to concentrate on eating healthier as I have been feeling extremely bloated since starting University and the Christmas period. When I eat badly I feel very down in myself so one of my resolutions is to lose weight. Eating clean will not only make you feel better, you will also look better as you will have a lot more energy. So I have been having a smoothie every morning and eating home-made vegetable soup to flush everything out of my body.


Now that the fun and excitement of Christmas is over and done with it is time to get back to the real world. Spend a couple of days concentrating on yourself, whether that is catching up with work, getting back into your routine or just relaxing. This is your time to get organized.


Happy New Year everyone! It is the 3rd January and I am finally bringing myself to post about my 2018 celebration. I have been very ill for 2 days and although I am not feeling much better, I feel it is time to get on with everything I need to get done this week.

So I had the best New Years Eve ever. I spent it with amazing people at a hilarious venue and it was so great to enter the New Year on such a high.

Dress – ASOS

I got this dress for Christmas from my Mum and I believe that it was actually quite cheap considering how pretty it is. It is a black dress covered in gold glitter with a thin fit. I do believe it would fit any figure just because it is hugging to whatever size you are. At this point I was feeling extremely bloated from the amount I had been eating and drinking. I did not try it on till the night before New Years because I was worried about how it would look. But I actually loved it! I wore it with my new lace bralet from ASOS and my new pink Nike trainers that I got from Solly.


I spent my evening at Bocabar in Glastonbury where they held an NYE Mardi Gras Party. This involved a carnival theme, such as UV, glitter and a lot of random things. There were blow up bananas and palm trees all around the room, with lots of bright colours showing a mardi gras theme. Going here was an amazing idea as it meant we were local and all together.


Altogether it was an amazing night as you can tell. What an amazing way to end 2017. What did you all get up to this New Years Eve?


It is the day before 2018 and I am sat here thinking… where the hell has all the time gone? I remember last New Years as if it was yesterday. I was with all my close friends drinking champagne and getting ready before going to our local night club, how things have changed. Many of my friends this time last year and very distant to me, I have moved to University, I have traveled, laughed and just loved the whole of 2017. I can not describe how incredible the memories I have made are, right from the beginning of January to right here, right now I would not of changed a thing.

I am creating a whole video of 2017 that will be shared with you. Unfortunately I left my computer at University so I can’t finish the video while I am at home.

So now, it is my yearly ritual, I am here to tell you all my New Years resolutions and what I am wanting to achieve.

  1. Priorities – This is the main personality trait that I will be taking into 2018 with me, I am the worst at prioritizing! I would bee sat at home with blogging to catch up on or Uni work to  do, but I would still spend all day sat rinsing through Instagram and Twitter, I don’t know why I do it. I did not think I would find it so difficult going to Uni and keeping up blogging. My work comes first but as I am around people all the time I am constantly socializing, which makes me extremely lazy.
  2. Don’t be so lazy – This links into my prioritizing resolution. I am so lazy! I want too keep myself busy and occupied 24/7, whether that is doing work, blogging, seeing friends or even earning a bit of money. At Uni I have a lot of free time that I have never had before, so getting a job in January will hopefully give me back that motivation I had in the Summer.
  3. Be organised – Every Sunday I am going to start organising my week into a diary. That means, planning my weekly meals, writing in lessons, plan blog posts, what I am doing ect. You get the jist, I just need to keep up with everything I am doing because if I do not have it down on paper I get very stressed.
  4. Get fit – I think this is everybody’s New Years resolution, but I am going to stick to it. I am determined to get my Summer body and shred off Freshers fat. I am doing dry January so hopefully not being hungover everyday will help me get motivated.
  5. Stay happy – This year has been the best year because I have been at my happiest and I want this to continue though to 2018.

Here is to another amazing year. I hope you all have the best New Years with the people you love.


mulled cider, curry & a catch up

The Thursday before Christmas I spent the evening sigh my Secondary school best friends who I haven’t seen in 3 months. We got a Saffrons Curry (I didn’t but I ate everyone’s left overs) and drank mulled wine all evening. This is our annual meet up which we have every Easter, Summer and Christmas as all of us are spending our terms doing completely different things. Many of us are at University, some are travelling or working and one of our friends is even getting married, how crazy!

Hope you have all been able to catch up with old friends this Christmas!


Saturday 23rd Decemeber 

On the Eve of Christmas Eve, 27 of us went for a massive Christmas meal at The Crown, in Catcott. Before we went all the girls came to mine for a couple of drinks where I made my own Christmas cocktail to start the night. 


  • Lime Vodka – Nearly the whole bottle
  • A whole lemon, sliced
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Orange Juice

I guessed all the ingredients that I put in this cocktail and it turned out to be really nice, it also made me a bit tipsy. 

The meal was so nice, we all had a quick dinner before going over to Wheterspoons and staying out for more drinks. Was an amazing way to feel festive! 


Throughout this cold season your skin becomes a lot harder to look after. Being out in the cold for long hours can give you extremely dry and flakey skin so I have found these 3 different products that have helped me a lot. These products are cheap and easy to use, I have tried to apply them to my face every other day and it has kept the dry skin away. I also like to do a full routine the day after being on a night out, alcohol really dry’s out my skin and gives me spots. The scrub has worked the best for this.

  • Garnier Skin Active: 3 in 1 Clay – This product I have completely fallen in love with, I have never found a product that works as well as this one. It is a thick clay with tidy rocks in it that exfoliates your skin. You use a tiny bit, rub it all over your face and leave it to dry just like a face mask. I love to use this one while I am sat in the bath. After 5 – 10 minutes wash it off with a warm flannel and it leaves your skin feeling flawless.
  • Loreal Pure Clay: Glow Mask – I have been using this face mask for a while as I was hearing them being raved about through the whole of University as it is perfect for a chilled Sunday. You can get different types of this face mask and they all do different things. I decided on the Glow Mask as personally my skin is not that bad, I only get the odd spot. This is one of the best face masks I have ever used. I usually apply this after the Garner Skin Clay to cleanse my pours more due to the cold weather.
  • NSpa: Hot Cloth Polish – This product is the icing on top of the cake. It is the last product I apply to my face straight after I have washed off my face mask. I apply it onto a wet face and use my hands to rub it all over. I then use a boiling hot flannel to completely wash it all off. I have used this product for a while, but have only just started using it frequently again and I recommend it the most.

I hope your all having a good December. It is almost Christmas, whos excited?