Nass For A Day


 On the 8th July, Holly, Kelsey, Immy and I went to Nass for the day. We were planning on staying the whole weekend but at the time couldn’t afford to pay for a weekend ticket, but one day was defiantly enough. We got to the festival at about 1:00 in the afternoon and got told by a security guard to get in the MASSIVE queue that wasn’t even moving and we ended up standing in the for an hour an a half. Until we decided to get out of the queue and walk around to the other side of it because it this point it was just a massive mosh of people and they were only letting in that side. Thank god we did move because we ten got told day tickets have a different queue, were so DUMB for even thinking that we had to stay in that queue. So yeah by this point it was about 4:00.

We got straight to the front of the main stage and stayed there through Ratboy, My Nu Leng and Andy C. Thak God we did get to the front as soon as we got there because it was amazing. 

After this we met Solly and Josh and stayed in the Warehouse until 3:00AM. A friend then came and picked us up. 

Next year I will 100% be going for the day and defiantly recommend going. I would go the whole weekend but it’s not on top of my list. It is a very dirty festival and although it was amazing, I felt like I was in a brothel. This is probably due to all the roads instead of fields as it takes place on Bath and West show grounds. Nass is very different to any other festivals I have been too, but it still was a very good day.

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