Godney Gathering 

On Saturday 16th July, Kelsey, Holly, Jess and I went to God ey Gathering for the evening and it was so funny. We decided to get really drunk and just run around looking like loons. Even my sister and her friends were saying how hilarious we were being. I haven’t really got much to say about Godney apart from it is a good day out. All of us had work in the day so could only attend in the evening but that was enough. We made a lot of friends as you can see in the top 2 photos, I new 2 of those people from a long time ago but apart from that we have no clue who the rest are. Scouting for girls headlined and they were very entertaining, I forgot how many good songs they actually have. 

We left Godney at around 12:00 and went to Envy (our local nightclub) and stayed for 15 minuets before we decided to go pokermon hunting and barge into our friend Calebs house, where my boyfriend was and all our friends. Overall, it was a successful night. 

Fun fact: I found out the other day I actually work with the girl who runs Godney Gathering.

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