N.A.S.A. Space Kennedy Centre – Millitary Satillite 2016

2 days after we went to Universal Studios we visited N.A.S.A. Amazingly, there was a satillite entering space that morning. We all had to wake up extremely early to be there for lift off at 8:30AM. This was a once in a life time experience and a memory I will always cherish. Although we were very far away from the take – off point, I still felt like a lucky girl to be stood in N.A.S.A. Space Kennedy Centre as a satillite shot into space. 

My dad briefly explained what this mission was for and all I got out of the conversation was the fact that the satillites purpose is to watch ISIS. I think this is a brilliant mission and I do hope that it helps the world and stops all these negative attacks. If you want to read more about its purpose read this link.

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