7 Nights at Indian Rocks

For the last week in America we stayed in Indian Rocks. We had our own villa/apartment right next to the beach and catered for ourselves. It was a very nice venue, very open and a friendly environment. We were expecting the beach to be empty but as the week went on more people were going and it seemed to be at very early in the morning. Just down the beach was Clearwater and this is where it was a lot more active and crowded. It is nice to go there for a day/night as it is a very active environment. There were bouncy castles, events and people were even singing and getting people who were watching involved.

Most days we just relaxed on the beach or by the pool, but on some days we did activities such as padding boarding, parasailing and even hired a boat for the day, as you may of read about already.

It was really nice to be in a small building instead of staying in a big, posh hotel that is full of loads of people. As much as I love being around lots of people in an up beat environment it was nice to just chill, with just the family as we did a lot of travelling the first week.

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