The last bit of Summer sun

Solly and I spent the Tuesday of our 3 day holiday in Newquay at Newquay Zoo. It was a very good zoo but it has made me realise that I don’t really agree with them. There were 3 lions in the zoo and I felt so sorry for them and the fact that they must be so bored and are not free in the wild. Anyway, apart from that it was very entertaining. I especially loved the meerkats! Solly and I also went on a pedlo which was a very bad idea as we ended up just floating around the lake and we have no leg muscle. 

As you know we stayed in The Headlamd Hotel. The top photograph is our breakfast setting. We sat right next to a huge glass window, over viewing the ocean. At the hotel we get all exclusive breakfast which was ideal as it defiantly got Solly and I up n the morning and the full – English was amazing. Altogether, Sol and I had a really nice 3 days away and would recommend Newquay for a short Summer trip. 

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