Saudi Arabia


6 days visiting Dad!

As many of you don’t know, my Dad lives in Saudi Arabia working with Rolls – Royce. We do still see him a lot as he comes home for meetings and for some special occasions. This will have been my 5th time out to visit and probably my last as when I turn 19 (which is in March) my flights won’t be payed for anymore as I will officially be an adult. I do love visiting my Dad as it is nice to see him and get some sun. But I also hate it as Saudi is a very feminist and strict county.

My Dad lives on an English compound so when we stay we are allowed to do anything we want really. We spend most the day at the pool sunbathing, go for meals at the hotel, go to the gym, go shopping and just relax. Alice, Mum and I also went to the spa for a morning but as we weren’t there that long we weren’t able to due much. It was very nice to be away from everyone and everything for a little bit.

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