December the First: Christmas is for giving 



Through the month of October I have collected girly things to pack a Samaritans Purse box, which gets sent to children in Iraq at Christmas. I haven’t done one of these since I was very young but I thought it would be such a nice idea as 2016 has been such a good year for me and I defiantly have everything I need.

In this box I included:

  1. A little box that says smile on the front
  2. Tooth brush
  3. Tooth paste
  4. Colouring pens
  5. Colouring book
  6. A short book about fairies
  7. Starburst lip smacker
  8. Hair clips
  9. 2 hair bows
  10. A clip on bracelet
  11. My very own soft, cuddly smiley face
  12. And a princess crown

I also included a photo of myself and my friend Holly from last Christmas and a note to the little girl, from her very own secret Santa.


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