Hello 2017

Last night I celebrated the entry to 2017 in my local night club for the last ever time, as its last opening was last night. As you may of already realised I live in the middle of no where, so going to places such as Envy, which is the name of one of the local night club, is like attending a house party, as it is small and you know everybody there. The only bad thing about it is the strict bouncers and the drink prices. 

My whole outfit is Pretty Little Thing, apart from my Adidas trainers. I wore these trainers with my outfit as I thought I may of looked too dressed up and the trainers would of evened it out.

I thought I would I would take this post to welcome 2017 with open arms and hope that it is as good of a year in 2016. 2016 was probably the happiest year of my life. I found a part time job that I love, I have focused on my course and realised how much I enjoy it and I have attended and made the most of everything I do. Most of all, I have become closer to my family, friends and my boyfriend. Over all I am in a very secure place. All though everything is good, there are a couple things I would like to change in myself, in order to make 2017 better.

My New Years Resolutions:

  1. Try and exercise once a day and concentrate on what I am eating. I want this to be the start of me becoming a lot fitter and healthier, so I am at my goal weight by the summer holidays and for when I start University.
  2. Get in to University. This is one of my main goals as every since I was younger I have wanted to go to Bournemouth Uni, and if I do not get in or try my hardest at college this year I will be devastated.
  3. Make more plans through my week. I want this year to be a busy one and to do this, I will need to plan it. This ranges between nights out and just daily activities. I want to spend less time watching crap television in bed. Be a lot more organised.
  4. Stop going on pointless nights out, save my money for adventures, festivals, holidays and good nights out.
  5. Be more sentimental with photographs, videos and events throughout the year. Make the most of what I am doing throughout the day and stop getting excited to early. Look forward to everyday.
  6. Spend more time on my blog and videos.
  7. The last resolution is to be an all round nicer person and stop taking life to seriously. To forget about everything that has happened in the past and get on with the present. The nicer you are the nicer people will be to you.

I hope you all had fun celebrating last night and are excited for the year to come.

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