RATA & CO – Face masks

For Christmas, my Auntie Chrissy gave me these face masks. I have never used face masks like these before, where it is like a sheet you place on your face rather than a paste. I placed this on my face after I did my normal skin care routine, which I will share with you soon. I am hoping to share you more of my routines through videos, rather than photos. Anyways, so I placed this mask on my face for 15 minuets and afterwards I felt very fresh.

I recommend these masks, the texture is very kind on your face and the smell is lovely. They smell very fruity as well as smell as if they are doing their job. They come in a pack of 5 and since Christmas I only have 1 left. I probably recommend only using them once a week, maybe even less just because their are only 5 in the pack and also you do not want to get into the routine of having to use them all the time.

The pictures at the bottom are of my boyfriend with the face masks on, pamper night!

Here is the link to the Rata&Co website – https://www.rataandco.com – so you can all have a look at the other product and maybe buy some of these face masks yourself.

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