My Skin On The Slopes

Sanctuary Spa

In December, as well as having a Cadburys calendar, I had a Sanctuary Spa Beauty calendar. The products I got given each day are perfect travel size so I thought they would be good for whilst I was skiing.

Whilst skiing, as well as getting a healthy glow due to the sunshine, my skin became very sore and dry. The worst places were underneath my eyes and my hands. Every evening I used Radiance Exfoliator underneath  my eyes, under my lips and on each sides of my nose. This isn’t like normal exfoliator it is a lot softer and soothes the skin afterwards, filling in the cracks. I then also applied the Wonder Body face cream on top. This cream is a dark brown colour, as if it is some sort of foundation. This face cream is amazing as it hydrates my face and gives it a glow. It made me skin feel so much better as well due to the fact that I hadn’t worn make up all week.

Also, I carried the Velvety hand cream with me up the mountains as my fingers and nails became very sore, not just from the cold but from the gloves rubbing. The cream is not runny, it is very thick which makes it feel like it is doing the right job instead of giving me sticky hands. The Intensive heel balm is also a very thick. The Luxurious body butter was mainly used on my legs, but I also use it for every other place on my body, excluding my face. – Here is a link to the companies website. They do many other products not just the ones I got in the Christmas calendar. I definitely recommend this brand as after I used it skiing, I felt the effects and had good results.

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