Weekend in Watford

Harry Potter Studios

Solly and I spent our weekend in Watford, which is near London because I bought him Harry Potter Studio tickets for Christmas. We traveled up there on Saturday at around 11:30AM and arrived in Watford town centre by 2:00PM. We did a bit of shopping in the INTU shopping centre which was a lot better than I expected. It had a lot of shops for girls but there was not many for boys, so Sol was not impressed.

We stayed in a hotel called The Mecure. It was very nice, it had a pool, spa and all inclusive breakfast.We went for dinner at Zaza Italia which was a lovely Italian restaurant which was a 5 minute drive away. In the morning we went for a late breakfast and then checked out at 11. We spent the morning at Cassiobury Park as we had quite a bit of time to kill before the tour begun. This park is meant to be the biggest bit of greenery in Watford, it is also very pretty as it is filled with waterfalls and swans.

At 2:00PM our tour started and we didn’t finish it until just before 5:00PM. After that we had a very long journey home. Was very upset for the weekend to end.


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