20th March

The first day of Spring & International Happiness Day

Today marks the first day of Spring. When I first woke up the sun was shining through the windows onto my face, then 1 hour later it was pouring with rain. Throughout the day the weather has been bipolar and has switched between hot sunshine to horrible hailstones. As I am writing this post I can hear the rain hitting the roof top and the wind whistling.

If you follow me on twitter (@emilymaythorne) you will see that I tweeted these 4 pictures captioning them ‘Happy International HAPPY DAY.’ I posted these pictures because I looked through my Instagram to find ones where I looked the most happy. The first picture is of my best friends and I at Godney Gathering. You have probably seen pictures of these 3 before, Kelsey, Holly and Jess. The top right photo is of another two of my friends Immy and Chloe at Palace. I love this one as all 3 of us look so happy and content, although I can not even remember it being taken. The bottom left is of my boyfriend Solly and I in Bournemouth at the beginning of Summer 2016. This is probably one of the only photos I have of Solly smiling. Then the last picture is of me and Reading Festival 2015 and as you can see I was on top of the world.

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