Preparing for my weekend 

On the Thursday night I had a pamper night to prepare for the weekend. I had a nice bubbly bath and completely washed my skin. First of all I used the Clear & Clean Black Head remover, which is a very thick cream that you scrub into your face. It does sting a little when you leave it on your skin without completely washing it off, but then you know that it is working. Then I rubbed the Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliate underneath my eyes, on my forehead and my chin as this is where I mainly get dead skin and spots. I then applied Dr.Organic Aloe Vera gel all over my face. It has a nice, nature smell in a soft yet think cream. When I put it on my face, I leave it on for a little bit to make sure it is doing the right job. When you wash it off it feels like your skin is completely heeled.

After I washed my face, I completely shaved my legs as I was going to be wearing a dress and rubbed Sanctuary Spa – Green lemon and orange body wash all over my legs, to make them smooth. When I got out of the bath I applied Sanctuary Spa body cream all over my body, which I spoke about it my My Skin on the Slopes blog post.

On Friday, my best friend Holly and I went for a full English breakfast at Frankie and Bennies and then went and got our nails done in a salon in Yeovil. Unfortunately Holly wasn’t able to come out for my birthday as she got really ill through the week, we decided to go out too much.

I got my nails done a very light pink, which is the same as I got last year. I like them because they go with anything I wear, where as if I got a bright colour I would want to change it after a while. My mum and boyfriend HATE them.

For my birthday we went to Lakota in the Bristol and had an amazing night which I will say more about in My Birthday Celebrations post. (This is a snapchat photo that my sister uploaded as we just got into Lakota at 12:00.)

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