Blue Stripes and Retro Sunnies

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Tuesday – 09.05.17

Today for me was a catch up day. A day where I can prepare myself for the rest of the week, lye in, exercise and do more of the remainder of my coursework. Instead I found myself in the sunshine and out shopping for skin care products. It must of been around 15 degrees and I walked around town as if it was a lot hotter. I love days like these as it is a time I can spend on my own, doing things for myself. I bathed, went to the gym, completed a whole assignment, sunbathed and now I have even found myself blogging! I believe that everybody should have a day like this, a day to re coop themselves. Un – usually, mine is on a Tuesday this week. This is due to me being at work and college from here onwards and over the weekend.

This is the first time I have worn this blue striped dress since I have bought it. When I purchased it I did not try it on as it was such a bargain and is something I have been looking for, for a while. It is just a simple summer dress, that for me comes just above the knee. It is a v – cut around the neck which I am not too keen on, but if you place a nice necklace there can be easily sorted. All these photos are taken at my house.

Outfit details:

Dress: Primark

Shoes: Primark

Sunglasses: Amazon

As I was saying to my mum earlier, it does not matter how much you spend on your clothing it is what you feel pretty and comfortable in. My mum has been looking for a dress to wear to a couple of weddings in the summer and spent £140 on a dress that she hated on. Then went to M & S and spent £20 on a dress she felt amazing in. Nobody would of thought that the outfit I was wearing was such a bargain. I hope you all had a nice day in the sun.

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