My BFF Kels

So over the past 4 days my close friend Kelsey has been stuck in hospital after being in a horrible car crash. A 4×4 went straight into the side of her, causing her to get cut out of her car and air lifted to hospital, to then discover that she has broken her pelvis in two places. This could not of happened at a worse time for Kels, as many of our exciting events are coming up in less than a week. Nothing will be the same with her not there and the fact she will be missing out on her favourite day of the year – Love Saves the Day – really upsets me! Kels is very lucky to of come away with only a broken bone as the crash was very suveere and really, she is very lucky to even be alive.

Today Kels is coming out of the hospital and returning home which is a very good sign. When the unexpected happens, we have to do is make the best out of a bad situation and all our friends will make sure that she still has an unforgettable Summer. Although she will not be able to come to a couple of events in June, we will make up for the loss of time in August and September.

I wish Kels a very safe and speedy recovery. A lesson to be learnt from this is to not expect anything and to appreciate everything. Something like this puts everything into perspective and makes you see what really matters.

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