Love Saves The Day 2017

Sunday 28th May

Love Saves the Day this year was absolutely amazing. It was one of those events that I ended up not even being excited about as my friend couldn’t come because of her car crash. But because I was not looking forward to it, it made it 100x better. It is a friendly, two day festival at Eastville park, that My Nu Lend and Nadia Rose played at. If you live near the area or are around in Bristol on the May bank holiday I seriously recommend. The day tickets are around £35.00 and you definitely make the most of your money. After Love Saves the Day I also went too the Motion after party, but by the time it got to 3:00AM, I was absolutely dead. So my friend Adam and I got a taxi back to his UWE accommodation and I stayed at my cousins (the girl on the right on the bottom photo) as she also goes to UWE. I went to this event with my cousin Anna, her friend Laura and Anna’s boyfriend Olle. But I also had a couple of friends from home who attended. This event takes place at the same place as Tokyo World, which happens at the end of September. So if you missed Love Saves the Day, definitely by your tickets for Tokyo World.

My outfit:

Top – Pretty Little Thing

Trousers – Boohoo

Trainers – Adidas

Sunglasses – Amazon

This is the beginning of the Summer, now I just need to finish all of my college work. I am writing this post on my last day of the half term, while trying to write out everything I need to do this week. I have been really slacking on my blog but at the same time have been extremely busy this week. But I have many posts in my draft ready to go live.

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