A Happy Sunday at the Races

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Bratton Down Races

I spent my Sunday at the races with a lot of family and my boyfriend. Although the weather was not the best due to the extra windy Exmoor climate and being slightly hungover it was a great day. I normally do not even bet because I seriously hate losing but I put £2 for fun on the last race and ended up winning (even though I only won £6).

I had this weekend off work as my friend Kelsey and I were going to go to an event in Bristol, but as I said in a previous post, Kelsey got in a very bad car accident and has broken her pelvis. She is still very set on going to Glastonbury Festival, so we thought we should give it a miss. It ended up being a bonus as we quickly sold the tickets and got more that our money back!

So for my weekend off, Solly and I went to Taunton on Saturday, got a Nandos and did a bit of shopping. Then we went for a drink in the evening with some of our friends but ended up spending more money than I wanted too and getting home at 4:00AM. On the Sunday, as I have said, I spent my day at the races, then was back to work on Monday.

I know have a week to complete all of my college work as I am desperate to not have to go back just before or after Glastonbury. I can not tell you how stressed out I have been, so it is now a race with time. Wish me luck!

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