The Wednesday | Glastonbury Festival 2017

On the Wednesday morning Holly, Jess and I woke up at 4:00AM, showered and then drove to Hollys house as her Dad gave us a lift with her brother to the festival site. My mum is friends with one of the Evis’s so fortunately we get given a villagers pass meaning that we don’t have to queue. When we got there Holly realised that she hadn’t brought any of her stuff, so Jess and I carried on and got into the festival by 7:30AM. We set up our tents and a couple of our friends and then waited for everybody to arrive. A lot of our friends did not get into the festival until gone 11:00AM and by this point it was over 30 degrees!

The Wednesday is always the longest day and in this heat it was a struggle. While everyone sat around the tents burning, I spent a lot of time with my cousin at the Park in the shade.

On the Wednesday night we didn’t get up to much, we went to the brothers bar, got very drunk, went to Block 9 then had a slightly earlier night. Everything shut off before 4:00AM and after such a long day, it was definitely a good idea that we went to bed. We needed to get up early to get our friend Kels early the next day, as she had to come into the festival late because of her broken pelvis.

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