Deep Meadow – My family home

So ever since Glastonbury my sleeping pattern has not completely gone back to normal. Last week I was waking up fine and getting on with my day, but ever since Solly and I slept in until 1:30PM on Saturday I have found it impossible to go to sleep and wake up. Solly and I slept in so much because Sol had to go straight back to work on the Tuesday after Glastonbury and ended up being extremely tired as he was never able to recover. I know that is not an excuse for me but when you’re asleep cuddling someone else, it is very unlikely that you wake up st different times. I don’t know if that is a thing, but it seems to be for me.

Anyways, due to my extremely bad sleeping pattern it has resulted in my not even sleeping. So I watched the sunrise and took Maisy for a walk around the field. I am now having a long debate with myself as to whether I stay awake, go to the gym, run some errands then come home and have a short nap before work, or to go back to bed, try to go to sleep and hope that I don’t wake up at 4:00PM. I think I am going to stick with plan A. I will let you know how it goes, but I guarantee I will be absolutely hanging by the time it gets to the afternoon. Hopefully this means that I will sleep like a baby tonight. Wish me luck.

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