End of May & June 2017

Watch more of my Youtube videos by subscibing to my channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4oliaJMUk2NKWMkdMPSJBQ

As you may of probably notice, I love making short videos of everything I do. It has become a bit of a habit. I can’t seem to do anything now without taking a video of it, but its great. Though the Summer I have a lot planned, so instead of only making monthly videos, I will make individual ones. They are all filmed on my phone, that is why the quality isn’t the best. I am not dedicated enough yet to take a professional camera everywhere with me, and I think if I did do that I would capture what I do on my phone.

In this video the main events are Love Saves the Day and obviously Glastonbury Festival, but there are other videos included of what I did throughout the month. I didn’t get up to much as I was busy finishing college, but over the next 3 months I will definitely up my game. I hope you enjoy it!

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