My Busy Weekend | Through My Phone

7th – 9th July – Whole weekend off work!

Friday: On Friday, in the morning I went to the gym with my sister. Then we went and played mini golf in Cheddar with my best friend Holly. In the evening, my bestie Kelsey and I went to spoons where we bumped into a lot of old friends, before we went to our friends house for more drinks.

Saturday: Solly and I had a lie in at his whole before we went for a late lunch at Frankie and Bennies and a walk around Clarks Village. I then had to be home by 5:00PM to start getting ready for the wedding party. I then spent the evening in Exmoor.

Sunday: Again, Solly and I had a lovely lie in, then spent the evening in Weston getting fish and chips for tea.

After finding out that I am working literally every second of next weekend, I wish I made the most of this weekend off instead of lying in bed but I also got up to quite a lot. I am working Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday next week so I will do my best to keep up to date with my blog. I want it to become a regular thing where I can share everything I do and love.

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