Vanity Planet – Ultimate Skin Spa System

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Vanity Spa & Nuxe

For Christmas I asked for this Vanity Spa brush which Savannah Montanno advertised on her Makeup Routine video on Youtube. This girl was my absolute idol, so any product she advertised I believe made me exactly like her.

So when I bought this brush I did not know what I was doing or how to use it, therefore I left it in the corner of my room. Until recently I have fallen in love.

This Vanity Spa product comes with three different brushes in which you can electrically rub on your face. The grey brush is a cleansing brush, the black brush is exfoliating and the white brush is a silicone. If you did not know, a silicone brush is used to gently cleanse your skin without using any harsh chemicals to get rid of any makeup, dirt or oil that is left on your skin. This brush has two different speeds, one faster than the other. The speed you use depends on how you personally want to treat your skin. Everybody is different.

My favourite brush on this Vanity Spa product would have to be the exfoliating brush as I feel that dirt quickly gets under my skin when I have not cleaned properly after a long few days. So using this on my skin is a quick and easy way to get my skin back to normal. The only thing about this brush and the grey one is that you must clean it regularly due to it capturing any bacteria off of your face. The silicone brush is good to use when you are travelling a lot, due to it being plastic and not keeping hold of anything from your face.

With this brush I use a product that I got in a birchbox at the end of last year and that is the Nuxe Paris – Creme Prodigieuse. This is a french moisturiser which I can’t praise enough. I did not start using it until I began to use this brush as I thought these two go perfectly together. It is a very thin moisturiser that gives you perfectly soft skin. So when you combined both products together your skin can feel flawless. It is incredible what an impact these two products have made.

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