Wagamamas & Lush Shopping | A Day at Cribbs Causeway 

Tuesday 11th July

On Wednesday I had the day off work so mum, my sister, my mums two students and I spent the day in Bristol. First of all, mum dropped Alice and I at Cabots so that we could do some clothes shopping. We first went to Primark, then Urban Outfitters and JD Sport where I bought a pair of lounging Adidas leggings. Other than that I did not spend much money in any of the other shops.

At around 1:30PM mum picked us up at we went for a big lunch at Wagamamas at Cribbs Causeway. I have only ever had one other Wagamamas and that is when mum and I went to Bournemouth University open day but personally I find the menu extremely confusing, so I ended up getting the exact same. If you have never heard of Wagamamas before it is an Asian and Japanese cuisine. I had a Yaki Soba with chicken and prawn to eat and a side of Gyoza fried duck dumplings. The other Wagamamas in my first photograph is my mums, and she got a Pad Thai salad.

By the time we had got to Cribbs, Alice and had had enough of clothes shopping so we spent a lot of time in Lush Cosmetics. I ended up buying two bath bombs and Alice bought a soap highlighter. I thought that instead of doing a review on all three products on this post, I would do them all separately when I use the bath bombs.

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