My New Body Shop Eye Shadow

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Body Shop – 3 for 2 offer on make up and skin care

I have never bought anything from Body Shop other than skin and bath stuff, so when I saw this offer while I was shopping in Cribbs Causeway I thought I should make the most of their beauty products. Each of these mini eye shadow colours cost £5 so for three I spent £10. Normally I would not spend much money on eye shadow, especially colours like these as I would not use them on a daily. But I thought, maybe if I buy some unique colours I would start to wear a different style of make up to normal.

How I use these eye shadows:

  1. First I prime my eye with my W7 face primer. I then use 201 – as a base and place it all over my eye lid, all the way up to my eyebrow.
  2. I then take a slightly thinner eye shadow brush and place ….. onto my eye lid, all the way into the corner of my eye.
  3. Then I use 320 – Bengal Granite as a smokey eye. To do this I brush it into the crack in my eye lid and smudge it to the outer corner of my eye and closer to my eyebrow.

I would only wear this eye shadow look on a night out or for a special occasion as it is quite dark. I do not think I would be able to get away with wearing a look like this on a daily due to my skin colour and how light my hair is. Also, I embrace the natural look a lot more often than wearing cakes of make up when I am not busy. This is because I like to give my skin a break and want to be comfortable leaving the house without making loads of effort.

I wore this make up look on my night out on Friday. I was in a rush to get ready as I had to go straight from work at 10 to meet my friends but I thought the eye shadow was brilliant, as it lasted through my whole shift at work and still look intact when I got to the nightclub.


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