The Perfect Day Off

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Thursday 19th July

Today is my only day off all week. I have absolutely no plans so the day is all about me. I woke up at 10:00AM, got out of bed and made myself a banana protein smoothie. Then my brother Jack and I went to the gym. I got home at 1:00PM and made myself a salad. It felt so nice eating well after the past 4 days of complete binging. I then sat at my computer and caught up on my blogging!

I then decided to walk Maisy, my dog, to the local shop to buy a cappuccino and a magazine because it was then time for face masks. In the evening I cleaned my car and went back to the gym. I thought this was a perfect day off as it was a day spent repenting and now I feel a lot better for it.

What you need for a day off:

  • A good magazine/book –  I chose a Health magazine as I have recently enjoyed reading about different meals and exercising as don’t know to much about it. I also want to be more knowledged on what is good and what is bad for me.
  • Healthy meals – I have tried to seriously detox, by eating just salads and a piece of salmon for my dinner.
  • A good television show – I have been re – watching TOWIE and Gossip Girl recently as I have not been able to find a new show. If you have an suggestions please comment below.
  • A long bath – I actually made myself a detox bath which I will talk about in a different post.
  • Run small errands – Get everything done that you need too. Whether it is sending post or even just washing your car. Get it done on your day off!
  • Pamper yourself! – Today I finally go to use my Garnier – Moisture Bomb face mask. I actually bought this ages ago and never got round to trying it. I left it on for 15 minutes and when I removed it I rubbed the remains of the product in the packet into my face. It left an oily feeling on my face and when I dried up made my voice feel spotless. I then used these 7th Heaven – Unclog Pore Strips that I bought from Primark. I placed when across my nose and it removed all the dead skin and my black head. In my Healthy magazine I got this Dr Organic – Lavender Skin Lotion which I placed on my face after using all the products I have already spoke about.

Healthy magazine, Dr Organic – Lavender Skin Lotion, 7th Heaven – Unclog Pore Strips, Lush – Hand and Body Lotion, Garnier – Cleansing Water, Garner – Moisture Bomb.

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