3 Favourite Summer Lipsticks

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W7 Matte Lipsticks – Summer Colours

 After Glastonbury Festival I went for a massive beauty shop to try to sort my life out a bit and ended up coming across these three lipsticks. First of all I love the brand W7, from their eye shadows to their contouring kit, you definitely get good value for your money. When I went into the beauty outlet in Clarks Village they had a huge selection of lipstick, and after going through them all I picked out these as my top three; Pink, Jemima and Cote d’Azure.

I have been looking for a lipstick that I could wear daily. I have never been massively into putting something on my lips but I really wanted to start to as it really changes the whole look of you face. It also can make you look like you have put in a lot more effort than you have. Pink is a slightly darker colour to the other two and is perfect for a night out. The quality of the lipstick is amazing and found that I only had to apply it around two more times throughout the night. Jemima is a nice colour when you are having a day out, maybe going for a nice lunch or even dinner. In the swat on my hand, it looks a lot brighter than it actually is, the same with Cote d’Azure. That one is not as orange as it looks, it is actually more pinky. My favourite is Jemima at the moment due to the stunning weather Great Britain has been having. I also have not been out as much lately, so it is perfect for my days out or dinners with my boyfriend and friends. I definitely recommend having a look at W7 lipsticks, they are definitely worth the money as they do the job without spending a fortune.

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