Fizzbanger Bath Bomb | Lush Cosmetics

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Lush Cosmetics 

As you saw in my post about shopping in Bristol, I went into Lush Cosmetics and bought two different bath bombs. I haven’t used bath bombs in a while as I got so used to using bubble bath, so I thought I should give them a try again as I used to love them. I bought the Fizzbanger as first of all, I loved the smell and secondly the name tells me that it is going to react massively when it hits the water.

As soon as I placed the bath bomb in the water it started fizzling a lot making the colour of my water bright yellow. When the yellow froths around the bath, you can see a bright blue middle in the bath bomb, with a little note saying ‘BANG.’ This reminds me of some sort of Marvell film or Comic. The blue centre and the yellow mixes together and creates a bright green colour in my bath tub. It sounds exactly like popping candy, this makes it very exciting. The smell of the bath bomb is lemony and slightly cinnamony. It left a lovely smell in my whole bath room.

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