I got into Bournemouth University!!

Year 1 of Collge:

Year 2 of College:

Year 3 of College:

Through college I did a Broadcast Media course, this is why I was there for 3 years As in the first year of college I did A – Level. I studied Sociology, Media Studies, Photography and Business studies. Overall I got C, D, D, D which is not bad but I didn’t want to spend another year doing something I wasn’t sure on to have to go back right to the beginning of college and start again. Ever since I was younger I have always been interested in working with social media so doing a Broadcast Media course was the best option. Though my 2nd year of college and my 1st year of this course I was going through quite a hard time, especially being a vulnerable teenage, so I spent every night out till early hours of the morning and skiving college to spend a day in Bristol with my friends. Because of this I did not do very well the first year as my concentration was in a completely different place. This means that I only just passed the year with Pass, Pass, Pass.

In my last year of college I really realised that I had to buck up my ideas. I was in a much better head space, all the toxic people had left my life and it was definitly time for me to put all the work into what I wanted for my future. Although it was long hours and hard work, I officially finished my course with Distinction, Merit, Merit. When I got emailed this result a couple of weeks ago I was over the moon. Due to how badly I did the year before I had to get Distinctions on every assignment to get the grades I needed to get into the Media and Communications course at Bournemouth Uni. And I got it!

I am very glad that I changed over to do a course at college. If I carried on doing A -Levels I would of been going to University last year and I believe that I was not in the right place, mature or motivated enough to be living all on my own. I definitly regret not putting in the work and if there’s is any advice I can give its that it just is not worth it. It’s not worth ruining your future just for a couple of nights out and doing town laps around your village.

This year I have matured a lot. I have learnt how to look after myself, control my anger and to not worry about petty people who do not have any relevance to your life. I know believe that I have found the people who have my best interests and heart, my boyfriend and I are the best we have ever been, so it is definitly time for me to take the next step towards the future. Change is extremely scary for me, but it will be worth it.

I will be doing a whole series of my whole University experience from what your Uni essentials to the freshens madness. I hope students can relate and let me know if there is anything that you want me to write about.

I am excited.

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