Doyle’s Restaurant | Woolacombe Bay Hotel

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7th August – My mums birthday

On Monday 7th August, my sister Alice and I drove down to Woolacombe to meet the rest of our family at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel apartments. Normally the drive from where I live to Woolacombe takes 1 hour and a half but we got caught in such bad traffic, which meant we had to go down thousands of the Exmoor back roads taking us 4 and a half hours. We left and 10:00AM and did not arrive until 2:00PM. We wanted to die of starvation.

After we arrived, we used the inside pool and went to the beach before going to the Woolacombe Bay Hotel restaurant to celebrate my mums birthday. The restaurant is extremely posh, looking over the greenery outside of the hotel. Thankfully it was a lovely evening, meaning we could watch the sun set.

For my starter I had salmon tagliatelle which was amazing, the only down side was that it was very big so I was full for my main meal. For my main I had chicken in a white wine sauce which was really nice, the presentation was very pretty and it was a good size.

After we had eaten our meals, we walked around the village and got an ice cream before heading back to our apartment.

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