A 3 day getaway | Woolacombe Bay Hotel

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A detox in Woolacombe

On Friday 4th August I officially left my job as I have such a busy month. So to celebrate I spent that weekend with all my friends and to top it off I had a free house. My parents and brother had gone to Woolacombe early so the only people home was Alice and I. It was really nice to spend all my time with my boyfriend before being away from him for a week.

Whenever my family and I used to stay in Woolacombe we always stay in an apartment rather than in the hotel. It means that you get a lot more freedom yet you can also use all of the facilities. Spending 3 days away from home in the sun was really relaxing and good for my body as I was off to Boomtown just a day later. I did not drink alcohol, I ate well and drank a ridiculous amount of water so all the toxins were flushed out of my body.

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