A weird and wonderful 4 days: 10th – 13th August

Last week I attended Boomtown festival for the very first time with my best friend Kelsey. There has always been a lot of hype about this festival where we are from, so we thought it was about time we tried it out. The tickets were around £200 so the same price as Glastonbury but it was 100% worth the money. We set off Thursday morning at 5:00AM and drove to Hampshire. I drove with Kelsey, my friend Adam and Maddie – who left the festival on the Saturday as she was not enjoying it. We got in the queue at 8:00AM and sat on our camping chairs in the mud until they finally opened the gate at 1:00PM. Boomtown don’t normally open their gates until 12:00AM but we had to wait another hour because they were waiting for their sniff dogs. Once we were finally through that first stage we had to join another queue, where we handed in our tickets and got a wrist band. They did not start letting people through to that section until 2:30PM. After that we had to queue again, just for them to scan the barcodes on our wrist bands. By this point it was just getting ridiculous. The scanner had broke because the wifi was not working and there was no service where we were. After a while of waiting in that queue they decided to just let us in. This is when I realised the organisation at this festival was rubbish.

Kels, Maddie and I camped at Mayfair with a couple of other friends from home, but the whole festival Kelsey and I just spent together making our own fun. I can definitely say we explored the whole festival as most of the day time we spent in different sections. My favourite stage was the Lions Den because it was really relaxed and nice when to watch acts while the sun was going down. If I have to explain this festival as anything, it would be that it is full on. You do not have time to rest.

I will definitely be going back next year!

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