My Top 8 Carry on Beauty Essentials

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Today (Tuesday 22nd August) I am off to Barcelona for 4 days and 3 nights with my mum and sister. We all wanted a bit of Spanish sun before the Summer officially ends because lets be honest, the English weather is crap.

As we are only going for a short amount of time, my mum thought it would be a good idea to just take carry on luggage. This means that we are restricted quite a lot on what we can take, especially in the beauty aspect of it, and being a skin enthusiast, I knew it was going to be hard work narrowing everything down. In this blog post I decided to just state the top 10 essentials that I will definitely be taking.

Due to it being a very hot country, I won’t be taking much make up as I think it is best to give you skin a rest while you are on holiday. Plastering loads of foundation on your face while the sun is beaming down will also cause it to slide off and will smudge. I hope these essentials help you if you are going anywhere abroad for a short amount of time.

  1. Body moisturiser – My first essential would definitely be moisturiser as in the sun I get extremely dry skin, mainly on my face and legs. As we are restricted on what we can take, it is best to take a moisturiser that can do both. I chose to take my mini Sanctuary Spa Body Moisturiser that I have spoke about before. This one I got in my Christmas advent calendar. The maximum carry on liquid you can take on a plane in around 100ml.
  2. Hand cream – Whenever I travel I get extremely dry skin from the sun so I always want to make sure that I am prepared to moisturise every aspect of my body. I always like to have soft hands so I bought this 100ml Protect and Repair Hand Cream. It by the brand Dermalogica which I have never actually heard of before, but apparently it is really good in the heat.
  3. Face mask – I try and always do a face mask while I am away because I don’t want my skin to get damaged by the sun, especially my face. The one I will be taking to Barcelona is a re – usable, peel off face mask that I have been using recently called Refreshing Cucumber mask extract, I do recommend this face mask as it is not to harsh on your skin.
  4. Face moisturiser – I am taking this Trilogy Face Cream with me to Barcelona as it is the perfect size and is extremely thick. It will be good to put on my face before I go to bed. I actually got this cream in a BirchBox last year.
  5. BB Cream – I avoid taking any time of foundation when I am away because it is too thick on my skin. I have spoke about this Simple BB Cream in my Festival Beauty Essentials blog post. This is the only BB Cream that I have been really fond of as it gives you a clear look, covers spots, as well as moisturise your skin.
  6. Mascara – I will be taking my new Benefits mascara with me on holiday because it really brings out my eyes. I will only be wearing mascara when I go out in the days, but when I am just spending time at the hotel, I will avoid wearing make up at all.
  7. Lip balm – I get sore lips all the time, so when I spend a long time in the heat they sometimes start to peal. So I thought I should bring a lip moisturiser, rather than just a lip balm. I will be taking Blistex – Lip Moisturiser which is amazing!
  8.  Face gel – I know I am taking a lot of face products, but when I am trying to get a tan I always have to make sure that it is even. Putting face gel on your skin is extremely good for you and gives it a glow. I use this Simple – Face Gel. Simple is definitely a brand that I can rely on.

There are obviously other beauty essentials that you will definitely need while you are away, but plan to buy these things in duty free or corner shops where you are staying. Things such as sun cream or wet wipes can be purchased in the other country so focus on bringing the products you NEED.


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