The W Hotel | Leisture Square

19th – 20th September

For an early birthday present for my boyfriend Solly, I organised a full on weekend in London. As my Dad collects Meridian points through travelling with work we got to stay in The W Hotel for free! Solly has never properly been to London before so staying Leisture Square was perfect as we were right in the middle of absolutely everything. As you can see from the photos the room is insane, we are surrounded by mirrors with a big. comfortable bed. There is a big dressing table right in the centre of the room as you walk in. This was my favourite thing about the room as I was able to sit on the chair and use any mirror to do my make up. This dressing table also had a sink in the middle with a mirror that zooms in on all your flaws.

The customer service in the hotel was amazing, everybody was extremely friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend it because it is the perfect place to be a tourist, although as soon as you are in the room it is very hard to leave.

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