Being tourist in London | Buckingham Palace, River Cruise & the London Eye

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Olympus Pen photographs in London

Solly and I spent the Sunday of our London trip seeing all of the big land marks. As we did not use the vouchers I bought on the Saturday like we planned, The W Hotel kindly let us print them out on their computer so that we could go back and try and use it. I am glad we postponed it to the Sunday because it was not as busy and filled up all our time before we got the Berry’s coach home.

With my mums business we were able to get these 2 experiences for free, so for the London Eye, Sol and I decided to pay an extra £10 just so that we could get fast track. It was definitely worth it because the queue would of taken over 1 hour and we do not have patience to wait that long.

I recommend doing the whole London experience if you want to spend the day being a tourist. Just by going on the river cruise and the London Eye, you are able to see almost everything. We also did a lot of walking to see more land marks in London.

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