A Tapa Tapa Evening in Barcelona

Our first night in Barcelona!

On the 22nd August, Alice, Mum and I flew out to Barcelona from Bristol airport. We arrived there at around 7:00PM there time and got to our hotel at just gone 8:00PM. So we freshened up and headed down Les Rambles to get some dinner. When we got to the river bank, we found this small restaurant called Tapa Tapa and thought it would be a good place to eat as we weren’t that hungry. Tapas is very popular in Barcelona. As you can see from the photographs it was a beautiful setting with a very relaxed vibe.

Being in Barcelona so soon after everything that has been going on gives you a massive realisation. Walking down Les Rambles really makes you picture how horrible it must of been for everybody near by. Too everybody who has lost somebody close to them, I am so sorry. Thankfully the people of Barcelona are amazing and all pay there respects to the locals loved ones. The whole of Les Rambles is covered in flowers, candles, letters and teddies. After such a horrible event it makes you believe that there is some faith left in humanity. 🌹

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