Catch up with me | An amazing month!

I began the month by quitting my job and then having a small gathering at mine after going out in Glastonbury. It seems like every time I go out at the moment all my friends and I get the best photos.


I then travelled down to Woolacombe with Alice to meet the rest of my family, where we stayed for a couple nights and relaxed. I then came home early with my brother and sister.

The next day I went to BoomTown with my best friend where we had a crazy 4 days.


A few days later I celebrated my friends 19th birthday in a hot tub. In this week my brother and sister both passed their driving tests and I upgraded my broken phone to an IPhone 7.

That weekend I took my boyfriend Solly to London for an early birthday present!

A day after I got home my Mum, sister and I flew to Barcelona for a girly get away and some Spanish sun.

And then too end my amazing month, I had a huge party to celebrate the Summer and the fact that I am off to University in 2 weeks! I had the best night I could of had. 

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