The weekend after Tenerife | Sollys 20th Birthday 

Sol and I arrived home from Tenerife on Friday 8th at around 6:00PM. As soon as I arrived home all of my friends and school friends had decided that they wanted to have 1 big night out before everyone goes off to Uni. As I had already said it was Solly’s birthday on Saturday 9th and he turned 20. So I did not want to ruin the day by being to hungover, so I went out but did not drink excessively.

For Solly’s 20th I went to his through the day before going home and getting ready for his night out. All the boys went for a Chinese and met us girls at Wetherspoons. We then went back to one of our friends homes when spoons closed where we continued to drink more. Solly had a great birthday!!

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