How to stay FRESH, through FRESHERS!

As you all know from my last post I have started Bournemouth University, meaning I have finally experienced 2 weeks of crazy partying and mental nights out. I moved into my accommodation – Cranebourne House on the 17th September and have been out nearly every night since, including spending the weekend at Tokyo World in Bristol. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all how I stayed fresh, through freshers!

Stay hydrated – This is the most important thing! Drinking water throughout the day will flush all the toxins out of your body, especially after drinking a lot the night before. What I have started to do is put a bottle of water in the fridge the night before so that it is cold and fresh when you wake up in the morning. The water that comes straight out of the taps in the accommodation is not the nicest so this is good for even when you are not hungover.

Eat well – I know that when you wake up in the morning hungover all you want is greasy food, but I promise that will make you feel worse. Instead you should wake up and have a piece of toast or fruit. Try and avoid eating a kebab. The alcohol will bloat you out enough, you do not want food making you feel worse.

Wash – Try and make sure to wash every morning, whether you are just using soap or exfoliating your skin. Try not to use a harsh cleanser every single day as it can become unhealthy, but washing your whole body especially after a night out.

Spend time alone – Spending time on your own while going through freshers is just as important as socialising. I know how hard it is to not sit in the kitchen with your flat mates or not going on a night out with your course friends but you can say no.

These factors can help you through your whole year at Uni.

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