Halloween Outfit: Cheerleader

I love Halloween! Normally Halloween is not something that I have gone all out for since I was very young as I have not had a chance too. But this year, I am at University and it has become a much bigger thing. When you are living in a town with thousands of students everybody is out for these big events. So this year I was able to go all out!

7 of us girls decided that it would be a good idea to dress up as dead cheerleaders. My friend found a group of cheerleader outfits on ebay for just £10. We all got a different colour, but Katie (my flatmate) and I decided to get black. I wanted to look really dark for Halloween. At around 5:30 Katie and I went round to there flat so we could all start getting ready. One of my friends goes to the Arts University – AUB, which is next door to BU so she was very good at creating fake cuts and applying blood to us. The cuts ended up looking very real, but as the night went on were all too drunk to realise.

For my eye make up I used my W7 Lets Go Smokey eye shadow pallet. I then applied silver glitter to the inner corner of my eye and used my W7 Eyeliner to do a big winged eye liner. I wanted my eyes to be a lot darker than usual to look scary.

I had my hair in french plaits the whole day to make it extra curly and then put it half up, half down. I thought that would fit in with the cheer look and all of the other girls did it as well.

What did you all dress up as for Halloween?

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