My Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist

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red-balloon-sleeve-ribbed-jumperThe best thing about Autumn has to be the oversized woolly jumpers. The air suddenly gets extremely cold, it is always dark and all you want to do is be snuggled up all day everyday. So a woolly jumper is an essential. This is my favourite jumper I have found. The colour is a dark read which fits in with the season. I love colours like red, orange and especially dark green, so this is the best time of the year to make the most of wearing them. This jumper is from New Look and is only £19.99. Definitely worth the buy!


TS02M06MBLK_Zoom_F_1Autumn and Winter are the months of comfort while also staying fashionable. Mom jeans are a must. I have found this pair on the Topshop website which just remind me of Autumn because of the beautiful flower pattern down the side of the leg. I know Topshop is extremely pricey for a student, this pair cost £55. There are many cheaper clothes shops that will sell mom jeans as well.




Although the air is very cold, in the Autumn you can still get away with wearing dresses/skirts as long as you layer up on your top half. You definitely need to make the most out of getting you tanned legs out from the Summer before they are put away again for another 7 months! This dress is so stunning, it would be lush for a dinner out or a weekend away. Even layered with a baggy, woolly jumper. It is from Misguided and only costs £35.00.



Biker jackets are very in fashion at the moment. This is one that caught my eye on Zara but it is £95.00 –  a poor student like myself can’t afford that! But I have seen other coats very similar in places such as Primark! This is a perfect jacket for Autumn but as it is the colour ‘ice’ it will also be very good for the winter!

In the top photograph I am wearing my amazing furry jacket that I bought from Primark, only £20. It is very warm and the perfect colour for the Autumn. It is also a good price for students like myself! 

I hope this is a good inspiration for all you fashionistas out there, if you enjoy posts like these comment bellow. I will be doing them a lot more often.

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