This years bonfire night was one of my most exciting. I spent it with all my Bournemouth girls in Poole. Unfortunately this year they stopped doing a fire work display on Bournemouth pier, so we had to travel all the way too Poole. It was very long, but was lovely to watch a good firework display with everyone. Afterwards, we were going to go on a night out, but instead decided to go for some cheesy chips, a hot chocolates and girly chatter at our closest Weatherspoons.

I have had a very busy weekend. I travelled home from Bournemouth on Friday night as on Saturday I had to attend a speed awareness course as I got caught speeding a couple months ago (I am not proud at all of it.) On Saturday night I went out with my best friend and her boyfriend before travelling back to Bournemouth for Sunday night for bonfire night and my flat mates 19th birthday. I am now back home again for reading week, which is technically my half term! I have 3 books that I want/need to read this week plus other online articles. I am studying Communications and Media so it involves a lot of English.

On Monday night my friend bought £150 worth of fireworks and invited all of our friends to the park where he set them alight. I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed them way more than the fireworks in Poole.

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