Why is cranberry juice good for you?


Cranberries are small acidic berries which grow on on evergreen shrubs in North America. The can be made into juice, jam or sauces and are also available in a dry form. Cranberry juice is my favourite kind of juice, it is dark red and made from whole berries. The best thing about this juice is that it has no added colour or flavour and offers many health and beauty benefits on account of its high nutritional value.

Health benefits of Cranberry Juice: 

  1. One of the main reasons I drink cranberry juice is because it prevents cystitis. I used to suffer a lot from cystitis due to the lack of water I drank. When I got them in the past, I would down a huge glass of cranberry juice which would get rid of the pain very quickly. It can also help relieve or prevent any urinary tract infects tons.
  2. It can prevent tooth decay as it inhabits bacteria growth due to cavities.
  3. It can help with weight loss as cranberries are less sweet than other fruits. So the fact that cranberry juice doesn’t contain any added sugars makes it a much better drink that sodas or any other sweet juices.
  4. Cranberry juice helps with digestion as it has a rich fibre. This helps the digestion system function smoothly, leaving you with a happ stomach.
  5. A study says that cranberry juice is a good immunity booster as a daily glass can reduce colds and flus.

Cranberry juice is a very good addiction to the daily diet as I have just stated, plus it is delicious!


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