After a lush week at home I am back to University. Spending the week at home means that I have completely got my life together again after becoming extremely lazy and unmotivated. I caught up with any work, went to the gym everyday and saw all my close friends. Although I was not as busy as I normally am at home, it was lovely just keeping myself to myself.

Spending time alone is extremely important. Being alone gives your brain a chance to reboot and rewind. Your brain constantly being on will never give it a chance to rest so being alone with no distractions gives you a chance to clear your mind of any distractions and then you are able to focus more clearly. Being alone will also increase your productivity, as I have found through this week.

In the long term it will also help with the quality of your relationships with others. By spending time with yourself and gaining a better understanding of who you are and what you want in life.

  • Try and get up early – This week I have been awake no later than 9AM (apart from the weekend) as I have been to 1 or 2 early gym classes a day. It was the best feeling knowing that I had the whole rest of the day to get stuff done, whether it was seeing friends, family or catching up on work.
  • Disconnect yourself – I can’t personally say that I am the best at this as I am addicted to social media, but set aside some time each day to unplug from others. Whether it is when you are having lunch, working or any other time. You do not need to be talking to your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend every second of the day.
  • Schedule alone time – What I found so nice about being at home was the fact that I could just sit in my room, watching TV and doing whatever I wanted to do. The thing I have found about Uni is that it is extremely hard to spend time alone as you don’t want to miss out. I have come to realise that it is OK to spend time alone. I have come to love it. Sitting in my room blogging, catching up on TV or even just chilling in my bed is how I relax my brain.


I hope that all students had a relaxing reading week.

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