boyfriend in bournemouth


A weekend away with my boyfriend

Although I spent a lot of last week at home, I thought it would be a good idea for Solly to come to Bournemouth and visit me for the weekend. He caught the train up Saturday morning and arrived at around 1:00PM. I picked him up from the train station which is just a 5 minute walk from my accommodation, then we came back and watched a film and had a bit of lunch.

At around 4:30PM we got the bus into town where we walked around the Christmas market, looked in a couple of shops and then stopped to have a drink. The next available slot to go ice skating wasn’t until around 8:00PM, so we had a long wait. Ice skating was so funny, the whole set up in Bournemouth gardens is so beautiful and festive. For dinner we got a TGI Fridays which neither of us have ever had before. I got a lush cheese burger with sweet potato fries, where as so got a steak and ribs. TGI Fridays is Sollys ideal restaurant.

Because we started drinking so early, we made an impulsive decision to go on a night out with my girl friends. But by the time it got down to actually going we were completely sober, yet we went to show our faces which I am glad we did. Sasas and Nicky Blackmarket were playing at The Old Firestation and we found 2 tickets for £5.

The next day we had a nice lye in and I cooked him up a big full English breakfast, before we went back down into the Christmas Markets for the afternoon. Sol then got the train home at 4:30PM and I won’t see him again until I am home for Christmas.

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