10 (MUST HAVE) Stocking Filler Ideas

1d1ba7719a1fda331738b07ba273ed6f--gold-christmas-christmas-holidaysI thought this would be a good blog post to do as I know it must be so hard to think of tiny presents to use as stocking fillers. I know there is always room for chocolate coins and satsumas, but lets be honest we can all do better than that. It is the season of love and giving and it will be worth the forward planning and the late night wrapping sessions, just to see the excitement on your loved ones faces. These are all acceptable stocking fillers for children, teenagers, women and men.

  1. A fun mug – There are a lot of these on Amazon. Ones that you can hold your biscuit in, ones that stir themselves or even ones with funny quotes on. Everyone loves a hot drink, especially a fancy hot chocolate or ginger bread latte to celebrate this special season.
  2. Card games – Especially at Christmas, everyone loves card games. Whether you are a teenager wanting to play drinking games or a child learning how to play snap, this is a perfect stocking filler.
  3. Mini make up sets – Brands such as Benefits make up or Mac make mini make up set from Christmas stocking fillers. This can be mainly for teenagers.
  4. A portable speaker – This present will mainly for teenagers but a portable speak can always be useful. The JBL speakers are the perfect size for stocking fillers.
  5. Skin care – Any skin care products are good stocking fillers, especially travel sized ones. Charcoal is very popular at the moment and is good for all skin types.
  6. Travel mug – You can buy travel mugs nearly everywhere around this time of the year. Like I have already said,  everyone loves a hot drink especially on a cold winter morning. So to have a drink on the go with a reusable cup can be very useful.
  7. Nail varnish – My favourite nail varnish is Estee Lauder and again it is the perfect size for a stocking filler. You can also get them in packs of around 3 or 5.
  8. Key ring – You can get personalised key rings in many places, like tourist shops or online.
  9. Nail kit – You can get many different patterned nail kits which can be useful. Especially when at Uni. They include nail scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, a file and others.
  10. Headphones – Any sort of headphones can come in handy to any ages.

I hope these stocking fillers help you out this Christmas. I have only bought one Christmas present yet this year, so I am very behind.

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