coca – cola truck in bournemouth

The Coca – Cola truck came to Bournemouth on the 23rd – 24th September and even though it came through my home town I have never been to it before. There was always this massive hype about how cool it is so I thought I should check it out. We actually went on the 24th which was Black Friday. Katie and I decided to go into town so I could buy Sollys Christmas present (which unfortunately was not on sale) and on route we bumped into Ellie, who we are living with next year.

It was parked up in The Triangle which is right at the top of town and a huge trek up a hill. When we got there, we were offered a free can of coke by a group of boys and girls who travelled around with the bus. The organisation is such a sweet idea to spread Christmas joy and get people into the spirit. They play Christmas songs, spray fake snow and spread the joy.

“The holidays are coming”

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