Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2017 / Review

The Victoria Secret fashion show is something my sister and I would watch every single year on Christmas day. We would of had our Christmas lunch and sat down with some cheese in biscuits in the lounge, while the fire place was roaring. But this year I just could not wait until Christmas so I watched it on HayU. This years has not been one of my favourites, I really enjoyed it but not as much as other years. The best show they put on was in 2014 when Hozier played, that was his big break. After eating and drinking so much on the build up to Christmas this fashion show motivates me to sort my life out. It is definitely a good kick to start getting my Summer body back. In 2014, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande. Victoria Secret show is the most watched fashion event of the year as 800 million people tune in annually, with £9.2 million spent to put the event together.

Monday 20th November

Meet the angels:

  • Andriana Lima
  • Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Els Hosk
  • Jasmine Tookes
  • Josephine Shriver
  • Behati Prinsloo
  • Candice Swanepoel
  • Lais Ribeiro
  • Lily Aldridge
  • Martha Hunt
  • Sara Sampaio
  • Stella Maxwell
  • Taylor Hill
  • Candice Swanepoel

Unfortunately Gigi Hadid (last years hottest star, aged 21) was unable to walk the catwalk due to an incident that Bella Hadid was involved in, meaning Gigi was not allowed into China and forced to pull out of the show. 

This year the fashion show was held in China and the first artist to perform this year was Harry Styles, with Candice Swanepoel opening the show. He sang his single ‘Kiwi’ which was a  great way to begin the show because the song grabs every bodies attention especially with the outfit choices. Each model had a different style as they wanted to make a bold statement when opening the catwalk.

BeFunky Collage

Harry put on a great show with amazing energy, before the angels sat down back stage and reminisced on their past walks in the fashion show. They told us all their best years and a couple even welled up thinking about it. One of the angels told the cameras that Victoria Secret fashion show has helped their confidence and bought them out their shell, walking down a run way in front of a 1000 of people and on live television would be intimidating, but when it is complete your adrenaline rush must feel incredible.

The second performer was up coming artist Miguel singing ‘Pineapple Skies.’ Just after Miguel started performing they had a shoe malfunction back stage, causing a lot of stress for the organisers as they only had a few seconds before the first angel had to walk the catwalk. ’15 more seconds,’ a man on the microphone insisted while the angels were enlightened in by Miguels dreamy voice.

This is a picture of Bella Hadid rocking her wings for her first walk of this years show. The theme for this performance was ice blue, which is perfect for this time of year as it is very close to Christmas. It also fits perfectly with the song as it is slow yet uplifting.

After this performance, backstage the angels stressed how amazing the walk was, ‘this feeling will never get old.’

The next part of the show is to tell the audience a bit of background information about China as this is where they are holding the catwalk. The angels trained Kung Foo with Max Wang to get involved with the culture at it is the most accident martial art of all. Jasmine and Josephine got taught a small routine which they proceeded to perform to Max Wang, they both loved the experience.

Leslie Odom Jr was the 3rd to perform and he sung ‘Forever Young.’ This was also set in the theme of Christmas as again it was very slow so the audience can concentrate more on the angels outfits.

Ming Xi, one of the angels, fell over on the catwalk which was the first time a model has ever done this on a Victoria Secret catwalk. Ming previously has walked in the show in 2014 and presented herself beautifully, so now you can begin to imagine how distraught she was. The model was wearing thigh high stiletto boots which may of got caught in her long throwing cape. Her outfit was blue and silver with an elegant floral headpiece which may of been a part of her fall. After a couple of seconds on the ground after just realise what had happened, she was helped up by the lovely Bruni Lirio who convinced her to finish her walk. Professionally, Ming kept her smile bright before finishing the walk, where she let out her feelings back stage.

“Fall down 7 times, get up 8,” said Leslie backstage.

The brand PINK is the next part of the show. The Angels explain their excitement for walking on a PINK runway and how different it is. The part of the catwalk is performed by Jane Zhang who I personally have never heard of until now. She sang her own song ‘808 Medley’ which is a sassy song to fit the PINK theme as she seems like a bit of a diva. She wore a pink fluffy jacket which matched all of her dancers with a fluorescent setting on the stage. All the angels outfits consisted of a bright, out there colours with lots of bracelets and big hoops.

The show then continued to talk about the Angels past, ‘Where in the world!’ Taylor says that ‘what makes the Victoria Secret fashion show so special is all of the girls (55 models) are from all over the world.’ There are 20 different countries being represented which brings different ethnicity together. Elsa: ‘you feel like you are walking for your country.’

The Angels describe how much they wanted to be a model from a young age and how they got to where they are.

Miguel proceeds to perform his next song ‘Told you so’ where Adriana opened the runway as she has done for many years. The theme was quite Moroccan with out there patterns and crazy colours, portraying a funky style which is different to anything Victoria Secret has ever done before. This was one of the Angels last walk, Alexandra as she has been a VS model for year, she wore the biggest and brightest wings, then was sent off with a crazy cheer and applause, while she told the audience she loved them.

Harry Styles was the man to close the show as he played his uplifting song ‘Only Angel,’ which is a perfect way to show off all the angels at the end of the catwalk. The theme was bold as the girls wore gold and silver to show off before they wait another year to perform again. The Angles show a lot of excitement and fun throughout this performance while the audience join in. The last Angel does her pose while Harry Styles finishes his song and takes a bow. All 55 girls then enter the stage to say goodbye, followed by the artists.

What a show!









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