Soap & Glory Christmas Calendar | Review


Every December my Mum gets me a beauty calendar to get me through the last month of the year. This year she bought me the Soap & Glory one and instead of opening it everyday for the rest of the month, I thought I would unpack them all now and do a review for you. This one is a good one!

I have always had the odd Soap & Glory products but I have never been swayed towards buying them before, I can definitely say I will be now. The way that this calendar has been presented is very appealing, it is bright pink to match the companies theme and you can close it like a book. It is only 24 days and on the last day you get a real sized product.


These products are not in order:

  1. Thick & Fast High Definition mascara
  2. Hand cream
  3. Foot cream
  4. Body scrub – This has been a life saver. My skin, especially legs are very dry at the moment because of the cold and this has worked a treat.
  5. Gloss stick: Pink A-Boo
  6. Matte lip: Choccoberry – I love matte lipstick.
  7. Gloss stick: Nudist
  8. Body wash: Sugar crush – You get this product twice.
  9. Body wash: Rich & Faomous – You get this product twice.
  10. Shower gel: Clean on me – You get this product twice.
  11. Eyeliner: Foil in love
  12. Eyeliner: Cocoa bean
  13. Eyeliner: Smoulder
  14. Eyebrow tweezers
  15. Primer – I haven’t used a primer in a while as I started to moisturiser my skin before doing my make up but this one has made me fall in love with it again.
  16. Pillow plump: Lipgloss – These plump up your lips for the perfect pout.
  17. Pillow plump: Chocolate
  18. Pillow plump: Pink lipgloss
  19. Body butter – This is the last product you get on day 24!

The type of products I got from this beauty calendar are useful in my day to day life and definitely worth the £40 spent on it. The products are a good size so will last a long time, especially the body scrubs and butters. Soap & Glory is definitely a product I will be using from here on.



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