getting festive with friends & family 


Late night shopping in Clarks Village


Wells Christmas Market


Afternoon in Bristol with my parents


The first Christmas palace – reunited with everyone!

Since being home I have been trying anything to get festive and nothing is working. I have never felt so in-festive in my life and Christmas is in 3 days. As soon as I got home from Bournemouth I have tried my hardest to get as much work done as possible, but due to me not being able to concentrate I have only half completed 1 essay – this is me trying to be organised and then leaving it last minute.

This week is going to be an amazing one. Solly finishes work for 10 days, its Christmas, I get to see all my friends and then it is New Years. Although you are meant to feel over whelmed with festivity before Christmas, I feel like I will feel like it afterwards. I have a lot planned that I will keep you updated with. Today I am spending wrapping up presents and then I am seeing my Uni friends.

Have you all finished your Christmas shopping?





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